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Adam Holisky

Adam Holisky @adamholisky — Adam has been publishing content about World of Warcraft for over seven years. Besides talking about dragons on the internet, he's also an accomplished software developer and enjoys flying around in small planes. He resides in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two cats.

The Queue: Goblins, the real money auction house, and confusion in Silthus

Someone commented in the Queue last Friday that they were glad to see Diablo questions get answered. I am too. I wish that I could to any extent right now — so I’d definitely save them for Matt. Diablo is such a hot/cold game for me. Who knows what I’ll think in a few months, but right now it’s definitely on the cold streak for me.

Anyways, let us Queue.

The Queue: Happy Star Wars with our good friend Mat McCurley

Our good friend and previous WoW Insider podcast host Mat McCurley has decided that Star Wars fans need a bit of happy, something I agree with. And who better to provide that than the other (better?) half of the two-headed Orc MatMatt? I’ve recently given his show a listen, and it’s got the classic Mat “my other name is Ira Glass” McCurley vibe to it.

In episode two he goes into why he loves, and we should all love, Rose Tico. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that I think we should also love Rose Tico and what she brings to the films (and hopefully have more of it), and Mat frames the recent goings-on around the character in a perspective that is very respectful and spot-on, I think. It’s definitely worth a listen.

You can find more on his site or on the Happy Star Wars iTunes page.

The Queue: This edition is now about Elder Scrolls VI

There’s an interesting bit of history to share, the single greatest drop in viewership at WoW Insider did not happen the days after a new expansion released and everyone was focused on it, it didn’t happen during some of the less-than-great end game experiences, it happened on one day in November 2011. The day the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released.

Blizzard Watch is going to have a holiday when Elder Scrolls VI releases, and just assume that ya’ll are off in Elsweyr.

Valve just made a massive mistake with Steam, and Blizzard should go in for the kill

This article is an opinion. Valve has decided to essentially allow all content on Steam. It's going to permit everything onto the store except what they decide is illegal or outright trolling. This is troubling for any number of reasons, many of which are obvious: games promoting hate, bigotry, and the moral delinquency that is slowly but surely eating away at western civilization will start to appear. Valve has previously removed these games, and rightly so, but now it's apparently too much of a challenge for them. This is a joke, and Blizzard should move in for the kill.