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Adam Holisky

Adam Holisky @adamholisky — Adam has been publishing content about World of Warcraft for over seven years. Besides talking about dragons on the internet, he's also an accomplished software developer and enjoys flying around in small planes. He resides in Minneapolis, MN with his wife and two cats.

Blizzard’s April Fools 2019

Blizzard has, of course, been up to their usual amazing self during this year's April Fools' Day activities. The community has gotten in on the fun, too. The highlights: World of Warcraft Patch 8.6.7 "DO NOT POST" Patch Notes. WoWHeaD has datamined Lightbound Undead Allied Race, Void-Touched Customizations, and Pepe Goggles. Blizzard Watch is now Mitch Watch (at least on Twitter, he's still working on his site logo). Chris Metzen is running for President.

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