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The Queue: Supposedly not his fault

Jay: Did this change how Liz sees Mitch?

Liz: Mitch, the Queue is all inspirational GIFs and I blame you.

Mitch: I promise I didn’t encourage them in the slightest. Nope, not this Shadow Priest .

Liz: I guess to answer Jay’s question, no, this did not change how I see Mitch.


Q4tQ: A rope rests on two platforms which are both inclined at an angle θ (which you are
free to pick), as shown. The rope has uniform mass density, and its coefficient of
friction with the platforms is 1. The system has left-right symmetry. What is the
largest possible fraction of the rope that does not touch the platforms? What angle
θ allows this maximum value?

Good luck Liz!

Oh good, this question doesn’t involve Inspirobot at all! I’ve got thi…



Okay, I think we’ve had a miscommunication here because I’m not sure what would make anyone think I know anything about math. I write for a living. With words! And I didn’t even get a useful major in college, like English or journalism. I majored in art history, which I have realized, as I have gotten older, was basically the least practical thing I could have done. It’s sad when you can say that a B.A. in English would have been a more practical degree.

In short, though there are words in English in that question, there are also numbers. As a writer, numbers frighten and confuse me. (Well, mostly they just confuse me. Unless they have fangs.)

But if this were in a post on Blizzard Watch, I would send it back to the writer with a lot of questions. Where exactly is the rope?  What is the rope doing there? Who put the rope there and why? This story needs a lot more context, TKC, so I’m going to suggest working on that and we’ll try again next week.


Q4tQ: Who is worse: Malfurion or Odyn?

This is a genuinely tough question. I have a long-time dislike for Malfurion, whose biggest achievements in World of Warcraft have been:

  1. Sleeping through most of the game’s important events.
  2. Waking up and telling Tyrande to be quiet and go away.
  3. Begging Tyrande to save him. (While mispronouncing her name.)

Why does anyone like this guy? Why does Tyrande like this guy? It will forever be one of the game’s great mysteries.

However… Odyn has made a serious effort to usurp Malfurion’s crown as most annoying character in the Warcraft universe. When I asked for opinions from the team, and — surprise! — they had a lot of opinions. While admitting that Malfurion is a jerk, Anne contests that Odyn is a much worse jerk:

Odyn KILLED HELYA because he wanted someone to die and usher the dead around for his Best Boys Azeroth’s Defenders That Are Definitely Better Than Dumb Dragons club. Literally the reason there are Val’kyr is because Odyn couldn’t get over himself.

And as much as I hate to admit it, Mitch made a good point, too:

I think of it this way: Odyn, in less than one expansion even warranted comparisons to Malfurion.

While I wanted to say that Malfurion is the worst Warcraft has to offer, I can’t argue with these points. Odyn is pretty h*ckin’ terrible. (And is he ever going to stop pestering us to prove our worth?  I’ve done that at least 50 times now. Does Odyn just have a really bad memory or something?)

So there you have it. The final word. Odyn is the worst.


Of the classes you’ve played, which is the most fun for you to heal on?

I love this question and, I apologize in advance, because I am about to ramble. A lot. If you don’t care about healing, just keep scrolling, because I promise I’ll talk about other things next.

I admit, when I first started in World of Warcraft, I played DPS. In vanilla, I was a Gnome Demonology Warlock , terrorizing Azeroth with my blueberry by my side. Tanking (beyond commanding the blueberry to attack) seemed intimidating and healing seemed stressful, so I ignored both roles and just stuck to cursing things into oblivion.

But then I rolled a Human Priest alt to do something completely different in my downtime from raiding. I leveled her as Holy/Disc, at the time favoring a Power Infusion spec (31 points in Discipline) that wasn’t the best healing, but added a little more soloing utility and, in raids, you were the Mage s’ best friend.

It turned out that I loved the challenge of healing. I maxed out the Priest, ran dungeons and raids, and grew increasingly disenchanted with just hitting Shadowbolt on my Warlock.

I enjoyed healing so much, that when I switched to Horde I leveled a second Holy Priest. Then, frustrated by how squishy I was, I switched to Holy PaladinAnd I loved playing a Holy Paladin.

They weren’t the strongest healers. They lacked AOE ability and their heals were relatively skimpy (relying on crit for throughput), but their heals were cheap and they could keep going when the Priests were calling for Innervates. Plate armor also meant they could take hits that would kill clothies, an important factor when pulling aggro with healing was far more prevalent than it is today. Plus they had amazing emergency buttons, like Divine Shield and Lay on Hands.

And Holy Paladins could do something that Priests were really bad at: they could solo. With plate armor and a shield, I could wade into mobs without dying. Judgement of Light would keep me in self-healing while Retribution Aura would hurt anyone who touched me. Holy Shock and Avenging Wrath could do damage as well as healing, and if I ever got into too much trouble, a quick cast Flash of Light would get me back up (or, in dire circumstances, Lay on Hands or Divine Shield).  I opted for a Holy/Protection spec which gave me even better survivability and it made me an unstoppable warrior of the Light. I didn’t tear through enemies quickly, but they couldn’t stop me. A five on one fight with equal level elites was doable as long as I was careful, and I could handle far more non-elites. I felt powerful and I loved it. It was my main in Burning Crusade and Wrath.

Then Cataclysm came and everything about Paladins was different. The message Blizzard sent was that, to solo, I should spec Retribution. But I wasn’t a fan of the playstyle and didn’t have any gear for it. I found myself in the middle of Hyjal wearing a mish-mash of leather and mail because I couldn’t find spell plate. Nothing about the class was what I loved about the class. When I healed, I felt like a Priest because Paladins no longer had the single target healing, mana efficiency focus. When I solo’d, I felt weak and fragile, doing little DPS and relying on cooldowns to save me from death.

I was so disenchanted that I quit the game and didn’t come back until Mists, where I played a Monk (which I’ve stuck with). Some of you probably know I leveled a Shaman with our leveling stream crew. And during Warlords I leveled my Holy Paladin again. I’ve solo’d, run dungeons, and healed raids on all of them.

After over a decade, I have to say… I love my Holy Paladin. (Just look at her! Isn’t she glorious?) The spec doesn’t feel as strong as it did in Burning Crusade and Wrath, but it has that battle cleric feeling I used to love. I’m a warrior of the Light, wading into the middle of fights to equal parts heal and hurt. I’m not quite unstoppable, but I’m pretty hard to kill and it feels great.

That said, Monk feels like the easiest class to heal on right now because it has a jack of all trades toolkit, with good single-target healing, good group healing, and some powerful cooldowns. Restoration Shaman’s Chain Heal, Healing Rain, and totems makes them the best AOE healers of those I’ve played. But Holy Paladin? That’s the most fun that I’ve ever had healing in WoW, and I’m glad the current spec is a return to what I loved about the class.

(Note that I do not have a max level Priest right now and have never had a max level Restoration Druid , so I can’t comment on those.)


So, now that I finally have a reliable computer again, I managed to hit 110 last night. My question is what do I do now? As soon as I hit 110 I got notifications of questlines and zones that were now open to me. Do I start at the beginning with Suramar? Do I go to the Broken Shore? Work on my order campaign? Watch Chromie die again, and again? So many choices!

Legion has had a ton of new content since its release, which can be really overwhelming if you’ve stepped away from the game for a while. In my opinion, Suramar is the most interesting thing you could be doing right now. It’s some truly great storytelling which uses phasing to really make it feel like you’re having an impact on the game world around you. Plus there are some reputation roadblocks during the campaign, so it’s best to start making progress on it immediately.

My second recommendation is working on your Class Hall campaign… and it’s only my second recommendation because while some of these are amazing stories, some of them are a little lackluster.  (As a Monk main, I was hugely unimpressed by the Monk campaign.) However, as many people have pointed out in the comments, you need to finish this to progress on certain things — like eventually unlocking your class mount. No matter which class, be prepared to hunt for a lot of dungeon groups to finish this up.

For practicality’s sake, though, you’re going to want to grab some gear and get your Artifact leveled up. Here, you’re going to want to hit up World Quests and the Broken Shore. Both will provide you with lots of Artifact Power, Order Hall Resources, and gear that will help you do anything else you’d like. The Broken Shore is particularly nice because you can buy ilevel 850 gear from a vendor there for 400 Nethershards each — and you’ll be able to pick up a few 850 pieces very quickly.

From there… well, it’s really whatever interests you. PVP? Professions? Chromie dying endlessly? It’s up to you.


Is Diablo 3 better on a PC/Mac or the console? That shouldn’t spark too many comments.

Diablo’s simplified control scheme, where you can only have a few skills active at once, really seems tailor made for consoles. I haven’t yet picked it up on console, but I bet it’s a great experience. And since they’ve added Seasons to consoles, you really get the same content players on PC have.

However… the big snag with playing Diablo or Overwatch on console is that you can’t play with your friends on PC. I keep thinking about snagging Diablo for my PS4, but whenever I do I remember that I wouldn’t be able to play with my friends. And then I’m sad. So sad. And then I go back to playing on PC.

But I think the answer comes down to where your friends are playing. If they’re on console, go console. If they’re on PC, go PC.

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