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The Queue: Ten points to Mitchindor!

Here at Blizzard Watch, we take shenanigans very seriously. Last night, for instance, we decided that Blizzard Watch needs houses a la Harry Potter. Here’s the thing, though: We need to officially agree on names for those houses. We came up with a few ideas — Grumplepuff, Glitteryn, and a few more — but I need you guys to help 1) come up with your best house names and 2) sort the Blizzard Watch staff into the appropriate houses. Oh, and one of houses must be a Mitch pun. Mitchindor, Mitcheryn, etc. — I haven’t settled on my favorite, so I’m open to suggestions on that as well.

And now, your regularly scheduled Queue:


Q4tQ: Undead v Worgen and Orc v Human feel a little played out in my mind. Where’s our Tauren and Dwarf grudge match? How about the Undead take their zombie business on the road and go hang out near the Draenei. Do the standard WoW racial enmities need a little bit of a shake up?

Orc versus Human is (literally) the oldest grudge match in the Warcraft universe, and I think most people are tired of it after Warlords. I think there’s still more to be told for Forsaken versus Worgen, though — not that it would feel bad if Blizz dropped it for a bit, but I also don’t think Alliance players would complain about some sort of campaign to retake Gilneas and actually, like, use it for something.

All that said, yeah, I’m all for shaking up grudges! Geographical locations make some pairings more difficult to imagine than others, but where there’s a will (of the Forsaken), there’s a way! Although, after Legion, I’m a little afraid of what would happen to anyone who crosses Velen. He and Sylvanas would make an interesting pairing all the same.

I think the other factor making shake-ups difficult is the nature of the races in general. It’s a little hard to imagine the Tauren or Trolls actively making aggressive movements against the Alliance, for example. So yeah, there are factors making certain races less likely to go at it with others, but I would still love to see faction fighting focus on something new — there’s a lot of story to be mined from pitting unlikely enemies against each other.


I’ve reached the Legion content exhaustion point, which is probably a bad thing because I still need to recover a pillar of creation on 2 toons. Started leveling a Forsaken Hunter (pics when she gets to 20) and opened up D3 for the first time in a year apparently.

My question is: I’m going to acquire the Necromancer pack; should I level her as a seasonal hero to get the goodies, or a regular hero in order to take advantage of the gear I have for fast leveling?

I would go Seasonal. As some commenters pointed out, you can get the Seasonal Journey rewards that way, which is especially nice if you want to collect the game’s very first Necromancer set (for transmog or otherwise). Plus, it’s not like leveling is that slow-going for a newbie Seasonal character. And not plowing through things can help give you a feel for the Necromancer’s overall ability kit, too.


Welp, well I tried to sleep.

Good job, champ.


Q4tQ: Do you want the next expansion to be more alt-friendly? Legion certainly has a lot of catchup mechanics and with invasions and flying I’m leveling alts super fast, but I feel it immediately when one hits 110 and only has two relic slots and may never see a legendary. Time spent on any alt feels like time not being spent “correctly” depending on a player’s endgame goals. It’s not necessarily bad game design, but Legion does seem to encourage certain playstyles more than others and I’m not sure if I want to see the next expansion keep on this road or not.

Let me preface by saying, if it meant cutting out all the class-specific stories and great lore and all that, I’d rather nothing change. That said, the third relic slot and legendaries are a huge factor when it comes to your overall item level, and unlike the catch-up mechanics Blizzard puts in place to help with most gear slots, there’s really nothing that can be done about those two right now.

Really, I think Blizzard just needs to be more proactive with making things account-wide and streamlining certain quest chains mid-expansion. Maybe it’s just me, but I think part of the reason it feels the way it does is because Blizzard has been pushing out content patches on a steady basis all through the expansion without going back and figuring out what made sense as a time gate in the previous patch.

The third relic slot made sense at launch, it doesn’t now. The Balance of Power being so damn long made sense originally, it doesn’t now. The (admittedly shorter) road block of “complete 5 Order Hall missions” made, well, slightly more sense originally. It doesn’t now. You get the idea. I don’t think making the game feel more alt-friendly means reinventing the wheel, it just means being more proactive about streamlining earlier content.

Legendaries are… an entirely different problem Blizzard absolutely needs to tackle before 8.0.


Q4tQ PC enthusiasts:

– You just bought a 2k dollar PC, how long do you expect it to last until you want to buy a new one?

Part of this depends on if you mean outright buy an entirely new setup, or if you mean start upgrading. Personally, I’d give a computer like that ~3 years before anything starts to feel even slightly outdated. At that point, upgrading the graphics card can go a long way. I’ve had my rig for about 5 years now, and I upgraded the GPU (from a Radeon 4850 to an Nvidia 1070) around the 4-year mark. It definitely feels like it has a lot of life left in it thanks to that.

Of course, I’ve expanded my storage in that time as well — but that’s going to depend a lot more on how much of your space you use and how fast you use it. Outside of that, my CPU (a 5-year-old, third-gen i7) is definitely getting older — though that’s more noticeable on WoW than it is other games — and my RAM (8 GB) has started to feel a bit low, but overall, upgrading the GPU around the 3-year mark is my general approach. It really does wonders.


Whazzup guys :-) I’m back!

Nobody remembers, I guess. I used to hang out here as Revnah, then with my real name Sibylle. Dropped out of WoW before Legion ever started because rl got *really* busy. Now I’m back as a tourist and boy, do I feel like a noob. From raider to “what does this do??” haha.

Nice to see some of the old names still here, and that BlizzardWatch is still around and going strong. Just signed up as a patron again, too.

Question for today: I’ve just levelled my old feral main to 110, what the heck do I do next? I’m a lil scared of instances and raids I don’t know the first thing about. Still fumbling my rotation, too.

You got a lot of solid answers in the comments, to which I really don’t have anything to add, but I wanted to give you a big ol’ “Welcome back!!!” shout-out today :) Good to have ya back ’round these parts!


Someone just quit the guild I’m in at the moment.

This guild is super friendly, extremely helpful, and just filled with great people always willing to drop what they are doing to help you. This guild has anywhere between 30 to 70 players on at any given time.

The issue was inactive players. This person quit because some players haven’t logged in for a year or more and are still on the roster. Two of them, a married couple, passed away in a car accident, and the guild refuses to drop them out of respect.

Apparently this was an issue worth quiting over…

QftQ: What’s the silliness reason (that you know of) for someone g-quiting?

Back in Vanilla, I was in a guild that started out well behind the big raiding guilds, but gradually expanded the number of raid nights and ‘hardcore’ mentality until we started catching up. It was pretty awesome! However, when we got to Nefarian at the end of Blackwing Lair, we hit a “wall.” By that I mean, we didn’t down him within two weeks of our first pull (keep in mind, this was a boss that could take some guilds a month or two of wiping before downing).

Anyhow, because of this, the GM quit the guild, went Alliance, and leveled a Warlock with a big-name guild over on that side. It was incredibly ridiculous to think we could have had Nefarian down in so short a time, but for some reason, it got to him and he left (which kind of screwed us over in the process).

Best part? He wasn’t invited to as many raids as he wanted Alliance side, so he came back to his Horde character and asked to be let back in the guild — but with the entirety of his rank and permissions restored. When that got a big fat “NO” from the Officers who’d worked to keep things together during the fallout of his original quitting, he started his own, brand-new guild and began poaching players from us in an effort to get back to the exact same raid scene he’d left.

Vanilla guild drama was a very special thing.


2 Boss Enter: Stukov vs Abathur

I like Abathur too much to outright admit he’d lose this one, but it’s hard to imagine him coming out victorious if Stukov actually could find him. I think if Abathur could keep his distance, he might have a chance, but it would be a long and slow match — essentially like ye olde “Resto Druid runs around a pillar” 2v2 matches before Dampening was put in place.

That was a bit longer than I expected it to be. Please don’t forget to suggest Blizzard Watch house names and respective sortings in the comments!

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