Heroes of the StormAug 8, 2017 5:00 pm CT

Heroes of the Storm Season 2 ends September 5

If you’re participating in Heroes of the Storm‘s ranked Season 2, it’s time to start wrapping things up. Season 2 ends the week of September 5th. That means if you’re working on any of the rewards, you have a month to get that done. The rewards? Substantial!

Hero League has a series of rewards based on your ranking. Bronze gives 500 gold and a Bronze Portrait. Silver gives 750 gold and a Silver Portrait. Gold gives 1000 gold and a Gold Hero League Portrait. Platinum gives 1250 gold, a Platinum Portrait, and a Earthbreaker Grizzly mount. Diamond gives 1500 gold, a Diamond Portrait, and also rewards the Earthbreaker Grizzly. Master introduces an Epic Earthbreaker Grizzly, along with the regular Earthbreaker Grizzly. It also increases the gold rewards to 1750, and rewards the Master portrait. Grand Master gives 2000 gold, ups the portrait to Grand Master, and gives both mounts as well.

The Team League rewards replace the Hero Portraits with Team Portraits, but the gold rewarded is the same as Hero League. 500 to start, scaling up to 2000 at Grand Master. Team League, however, gets the Earthbreaker Grizzly starting at Bronze ranking.

The Earthbreaker Grizzly and its epic variant are pretty sweet looking, in my opinion. Good luck to everyone trying to make sure they get one or both of these mounts and all the other rewards for the rest of August.

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