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WoWAug 8, 2017 4:00 pm CT

Here’s how to kill Kil’jaeden in Tomb of Sargeras LFR

If you’ve been waiting patiently for your chance take out Kil’jaeden, but aren’t in a raiding guild, you can now rest easy. LFR Wing 4 of the Tomb of Sargeras is now open. It consists entirely of one boss: good ol’ Kil’jaeden himself.

Although the fight is likely to see adjustments in difficulty, at least as of right now there are no reported changes to the fight mechanics. (Unlike the Desolate Host fight, which in LFR does not actually feature the Desolate Host.) The Kil’jaeden encounter is a three phase fight, with intermissions between phases.

How to kill Kil’jaeden

The encounter’s first phase starts with a standard confrontation with Kil’jaeden, but there’s a twist — he will drop meteors on the raid that must be soaked or they’ll deal heavy damage to the raid. These meteors are called Armageddon Rain and Armageddon Hail. All you need to know is that letting these land instead of soaking them will inflict high damage on the whole raid. Avoid Rupturing Singularity (it will knock you off the platform, which will kill you instantly) and soak Armageddon Rain. He also buffs himself with Felclaws, so don’t stand in front of him if you’re not the current tank, trade taunt him at five stacks of Felclaws, and the tank who isn’t tanking Kil’jaeden will soak the Armageddon Hail meteor.

Intermission one continues the Armageddon meteors and introduces Dreadflame, one of which comes in a beam you have to stack up on, the other forces you to spread out. You can’t hurt Kil’jaeden during this intermission, just keep dealing with Armageddon and the two Dreadflames.

Phase two basically combines Phase one and Intermission one, with Dreadflame added to the mix (so players will need to stack the raid in a line between Kil’Jaeden and the target) and then adds the Shadow Reflection: Erupting debuff. Three players who gain this debuff will need to stack up under the boss so that the three adds spawned by this ability can be DPS’d down ASAP because they will cast a long channel that does a ton of raid damage and does more damage every time it casts. So keep soaking meteors, taunt trading the boss, dealing with Dreadflame and when this casts, group those adds up and burn them down.

Once Kil’jaeden reaches 40% he covers the platform in darkness. You’ll need to group up on Illidan to gain the ability to dispel this Fog of War and kill the otherwise invulnerable adds Kil’jaeden spawns during this part of the fight. You’ll need to find Illidan quickly because until you do, you can’t be healed and can’t damage anything while the adds cast raid wide damage similar to the Eruptors from Phase two.

Once the fight enters Phase three it completely changes. The good news is there will be no more Armageddon meteors to soak. The Dreadflame abilities and Felclaws will continue, so you’ll need to spread out or stack to deal with those while taunt trading Kil’jaeden, but now a new mechanic replaces the meteors. Darkness of a Thousand Souls will essentially serve as a soft enrage mechanic — it can’t be removed and will eventually kill the raid if Kil’jaeden stays up too long. There will be one unavoidable cast of this ability at the beginning of this phase, but after that it can be avoided by using using the rifts that Kil’jaeden spawns. There will also be exploding obelisks that can blow you off the platform and a 10 minute enrage in addition to Darkness. This last phase is extremely chaotic, as Kil’jaeden drops more and more obelisks as the fight continues.

See this encounter guide to Kil’jaeden for specifics on each phase and how to cope with the mechanics.

argus in the sky

Why to kill Kil’jaeden

Kil’jaeden rewards ilevel 895 gear in LFR with a chance at Titanforged upgrades: you can see his loot table here. There are a lot of good Artifact Relics here and a selection of trinkets like the Tome of Unraveling Sanity, Shifting Cosmic SliverSpecter of Betrayal or The Deceiver’s Grand Design to tantalize you. So good luck as you head in to kill Kil’jaeden once and for all, heroes.

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