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WoWAug 25, 2017 6:00 pm CT

Blizzard previews patch 7.3’s Argus campaign

It’s time to end the Legion or die trying.

That’s the basic premise behind patch 7.3’s enormous Shadows of Argus storyline. This isn’t just the story Legion has been building up to. It’s the story World of Warcraft has been building up to for years. Perhaps even the entire Warcraft franchise has led up to this moment. As befits a story with so much resonance and weight — one that Blizzard has been dropping hints about since the original Warcraft: Orcs &. Humans, a thread that’s extended through all the RTS games. Think back to Warcraft 3 and the infernals raining from the sky, and realize we’re now the ones landing on their world.

Once you’ve forced the hand of fate

Blizzard’s new campaign preview gives you an idea of how to get started on Argus. Both Horde and Alliance make their way to Azuremyst Isle. There, Velen and his Draenei followers have constructed a vessel to take Azeroth’s best and brightest. Or perhaps merely its most reckless and desperate. The situation isn’t what anyone would call ideal for Argus to have a giant portal leading right to Azeroth. {PB}

The Argus campaign is tiered. You can’t unlock it all the first week, so there’s no need to try and get it all done the first day. The first week is your counter-invasion of Argus and the arrival in Krokuun. You’ll join forces with the Army of Light and begin taking aim at the Legion in the Antoran Wastes. This is also where you’ll unlock your first new World Quests and Emissaries for Argus.

The second week, you make a journey to MacAree. There, you’ll learn about Invasion Points, unlocking them and traveling to new worlds in order to stop the Legion everywhere in the cosmos it has spread. You’ll get to open up new World Quests as well as the Invasion Points and the World Bosses you can access through them. Finally, in the third week we complete the Shadows of Argus campaign story. We’ll finally unlock the Netherlight Crucible, and gain access to more World Quests as well as the five player Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon.

Vindicaar defense and factional friends

Once on Argus, you’ll need to defend your vessel, the Vindicaar. You’ll learn to unlock its abilities to use in the fight against the Legion. The ship’s Matrix Core will allow you to fire the Vindicaar’s main weapon, patrol the planet in a Lightforged Warframe, or render you temporarily immune to enemy attacks. Meanwhile, there will also be new crafting recipes to aid in the fight against the Legion. Thaumaturge Vashreen will serve as a vendor, selling Relinquished tokens that can be redeemed for ilevel 910 soulbound gear for any class specialization. You’ll also get the chance to earn reputation with the Army of Light and the Argussian Reach factions.

For more details, check out the official preview on the Blizzard site. Patch 7.3 drops on August 29th. Are you ready?

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