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The Queue: Argentinosaurus, Patagotitan and other giant sauropods

Both Patagotitan and Argentinosaurus are contenders for ‘biggest thing ever to walk on land’ with Patagotitan estimated at 40 meters long vs. Argentinosaurus’ 35 meter estimate, but Patagotitan is estimated at around 85 tons vs. Argentinosaurus’ 98 tons. Patagotitan is known from fairly complete remains (roughly 150 bones all told) while Argentinosaurus is more fragmentary. Based on the completeness of the skeleton and the estimated length, I’d say for right now Patagotitan is the reigning champion of big dinosaurs, but they’re close relatives and both were massive animals, members of the South American Titanosaurs.

Speaking of Titanosaurs, say hello to Shingopana. A recently discovered African Titanosaur and a relative of the South American branch of the family. Shingopana’s existence is a testimonial to the plate tectonics that tore Africa and South America apart around 96 million years ago.

Anyway, this is the Queue. I haven’t talked about dinosaurs in a while, so I wanted to.


Q4TQ: What would’ve happened to Original Draenor if it had had a Titan Soul when Nerzhul portalled it to death?

Orcs wouldn’t exist. so Ner’zhul wouldn’t exist.

Orcs exist because when Aggramar found Draenor, the  plant life had been driven into hyperfecundity by all the excess spirit energy that a Titan soul would have been using to mature. If you’ve read Chronicle Vol. 2 you saw how the Evergrowth came to be, and how to bring balance and prevent Draenor’s plant life from annihilating all other life on the planet, Aggramar created the elemental giant Grond.

If there had been a Titan soul there, Aggramar would not have had to create Grond in the first place. And since Grond is the direct ancestor of the entire Breakers faction — of the Magnaron, the Gronn, the Ogron, the Ogres and ultimately the Orcs — without Grond, there would never have been Orcs or any of those other races on Draenor, including Ner’zhul. Something else would have arisen, perhaps through natural evolution, perhaps by Titan intervention, but it wouldn’t be Orcs.

So if Draenor had a Titan soul, Ner’zhul would never have been born because his entire race never would have existed. Therefore, Ner’zhul wouldn’t be there to open any portals in the first place.


QftQ: I don’t know if this question has been asked since the launch of Legion, but after all this time, how are you feeling about Legion’s new class, the demon hunter?

Personally now that I’ve had a chance to play both Havoc and Vengeance a significant amount of time, I’m loving the class. I think it adds a whole new dimension to the game that I’m enjoying, both as a tank and as a DPS.

I remember when Mists of Pandaria came out and I tried the monk class, which felt much the same way, but for some reason I’m enjoying DHs more right now than I did monks back then. That might be due to having had to level monks from level 1 to 90, though.

Well, I mean, it’s me. We all know what I like. Demon Hunters aren’t that.

But I think they’re a fun class and I had fun playing mine. They tank well, if differently, as long as you don’t play them like a hyperkinetic lunatic and let the healer keep in range. (Depending on gear and difficulty, of course.) The lore is fun, I like laser beam eyes and Metamorphosis and all that.


Legion’s been out for many months now and you’ve been at 110 most of that time.
How do you feel about the level scaling now versus how you felt about it at Legion’s launch?

I like it now and I liked it then. I really hope they keep it going forward to the next expansion, whatever that ends up being.


QftQ: Is there a artifact you just cannot transmog over?
Looking at my dark paladin set, I just can’t imagine mogging over the Ashbringer, no matter how my armor looks with it.
Titanstrike, on the other hand, I will always transmog over. I just prefer my hunters to use bows.

I mog over Ashbringer with extreme prejudice. Don’t like it.

I won’t mog over The Silver Hand, though. That’s Tyr’s mace. Show some respect.

Aside from that, I’ll pretty much mog over everything. I mog over all of my Death Knight’s artifacts (Especially the Blades of the Fallen Prince because I’m still irritated we didn’t just get Frostmourne), my Warrior constantly mogs over everything, my Hunter absolutely does. If I ever level my Shaman I’m mogging over the Doomhammer immediately. In most cases it’s not even that I dislike the Artifacts.

It’s that I spent years collecting all these weapons so yeah, I’m going to use them in my transmogs.

Except for the Ashbringer. Don’t like it.


Two Bosses Enter (Army Edition): The Zerg Swarm vs. The Burning Legion

Protoss/Draenei alliance waits until both are weakened fighting each other then uses a Purification Beam to burn both.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. I’ll see you guys next week.

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