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WoWAug 29, 2017 1:53 pm CT

Bugged on your way to Argus? Log on your main in 7.3

If you’re having trouble taking a character to Argus, you may be experiencing a bug related to completion of the Broken Shore scenario. Namely, if you’re trying to go on a character that skipped the Broken Shore, you may not be able to properly continue. The solution seems to be to log on whichever character actually completed the Broken Shore. Then you have to jump through a couple of hoops, it seems. The bug seems pretty complicated, as Ornyx lays it out for us on the forums.

Originally Posted by Ornyx (Official Post)
Seems this is actually a bit more complicated than I/we thought – it is intended that alt characters can skip the Broken Shore scenario, as long as another character on your account has completed it.

So… what people may be seeing in regards to having to complete the scenario likely means they haven’t completed it on at least one character. To make sure this activates for your alts, you will need to have logged into your main character, or one that has complete the Broken Shore scenario, after the launch of 7.3.

Once you’ve logged in with a character who has completed the scenario, you will be able to speak with Khadgar at Krasus’ Landing and accept the “Assault on the Broken Shore” quest.

Khadgar should have an option to skip the scenario when you next speak with him, then you will need to turn in the quest and finally return to Dalaran (via Hearthstone or otherwise) to receive your Argus introduction quest.

Essentially, you want to log onto your main  — or any character that has already completed the scenario. Then log on to the character that you want to take to Argus, talk to Khadgar and take “Assault on the Broken Shore.” Skip the Scenario (even if you already did, do it again) and you should be good to go for Argus. Hopefully this will be hotfixed soon but in the meantime your workaround isn’t too terrible.

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