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Heroes of the StormSep 15, 2017 1:34 pm CT

Volskaya map, Ana and Junkrat heroes announced during HGC

The Heroes of the Storm team has been teasing a new announcement for a couple days. Now, we know we’re getting a bunch of new content stemming from Overwatch. There’s a new map the Volskaya Foundry, and two new heroes. Everyone’s favorite walking explosion Junkrat is coming to the Nexus, as is the innovative healing sniper, Ana.

Things started up Thursday with a tweet. We saw two slightly pinkish, transparent swords in the snow, next to a slightly blurry robotic arm in the background. This came with the promise of an announcement during HGC. Then, this morning as HGC began, they tweeted a gif of what appeared to be Varian in a new skin, swinging a similarly transparent sword, with a polar bear on his shoulder instead of a lion. He appeared to be doing so on the Volskaya map from Overwatch. At the very beginning of the gif, there’s a purple blur which appears to be zerg-ish.

After the first Heroes Global Championship series between Team Expert and Tricked Esport, they revealed the new Volskaya Foundry map.

It uses Overwatch‘s capture points, including the overtime mechanic. If you win the point, your team gains the ability to control some a mech created by the Russian company. The mechs are controlled by two players, much like Cho’Gall. There are some moving treadmills around the control points too, which should add a ton of interest to the game. The team noted that objects placed on the belts, like Medivh’s portals or Gazlowe’s turrets, also move.

If you’re excited to see Volskaya Foundry, they’ll be hosting a showcase on the Heroes of the Storm twitch channel on September 21st at noon CDT. Gale Force Esports and Team Freedom will face off on this new map.

The new heroes Junkrat and Ana were also announced, but they weren’t given as thorough an overview. Junkrat is likely to provide a lot of disruption and DPS, much like his Overwatch incarnation. Ana is going to be highly anticipated on being a support alone, considering the relative lack of viable mainline supports in Heroes. Caster Trikslyr made sure to note that her healing will be entirely skillshot based.

They also announced an upcoming event, revolving around the informal Overwatch mascot, the pachimari. They promised skins, icons, and tons of other goodies. There’s a lot more too, including that great new Varian skin we saw in the teaser gif, a really cool Deathwing-themed D.Va skin, plus some new mounts and other goodies.

If you missed the announcement, you can watch the epic cinematic right here!

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