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When a gameplay mechanic change stops you from playing

I was watching my friends chat on Twitter as I do, and one of them said that every since they changed Mercy’s ultimate he’s stopped playing Overwatch — he was a Mercy main and since the changes he no longer enjoys playing her, and by extension, the game as a whole. I’ve had that experience myself in World of Warcraft albeit to a lesser extent because I play Warriors, I’ve been playing Warriors since 2004 and I’m not likely to stop as long as WoW exists. But they’ve definitely made changes that have made me unhappy enough in the past that I’ve switched specs or even abandoned alts.

Right now, for example, my long played Draenei Shaman hasn’t seen any Legion leveling at all. I simply don’t like playing him. The changes to Enhancement in this expansion made it entirely too squishy for my liking and while I know it gets better with levels and gear, I’ve never been overly fond of the glass cannon approach when applied to melee characters. It’s fine when a character who will be standing at range is a bit squishy, but melee characters don’t get to avoid damage via kiting or pets in most cases. Enhancement simply isn’t fun for me to play and I haven’t touched that character since I got him his artifact hammer that looks weird for a Draenei to even use.

I also didn’t like that our choices for Artifacts were big Orc mace or variant Troll skin for said mace.

So now I turn to you — has a game ever made a chance so significant and personally disliked by you that you stopped playing or gave up a character?

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