The QueueNov 7, 2017 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: So now what?

A good portion of the Overwatch voice actors were at Blizzard yesterday during my visit, which — shocker! — was pretty cool. Even Blizz folks nerd out about those guys, so I didn’t actually get a chance to walk up to them, but I did get a nice picture… and got to hear a hearty Reinhardt laugh. These folks are great.

That said, BlizzCon and my yearly vacation are now over, and winter is going to be here soon. In other words, it’s all downhill until next October. Yay.

Here’s The Queue.


@Mitch, of all the Blizzcon stuff I watched, I completely forgot about the Muse concert. How was it?

It was everything I hoped it would be. I have no idea how it sounded on the Virtual Ticket, but it was great in person, and the “show” portion — not the singing, but the lights and confetti and such — was perfect :) That seems to be the general consensus, too — I really hope we’ll see them again (but I’m not actually going to let myself think it’ll happen).


Do you think we’ll get more lore-based information on BfA as we get closer to release, and is the lack of it simply because Antorus hasn’t launched yet? As it stands, I’m already meh about BfA and it hasn’t even come out yet.

Well, yes, we’ll get more information because that’s a natural side effect of the alpha/beta builds being pushed out. As for the perceived lack of information, here’s my theory…

In the past, Blizzard has announced expansions and thrown a crap-ton of information at us. They have the “big picture” stuff, and they share nearly all of it — even the stuff that may not stick around for the final release. This year, they’re on a solid release cycle in Legion and likely a solid release schedule for BFA. I’m betting the previews seemed lighter because they decided to show us stuff that’s almost guaranteed to make it to the live version and hold back on the ideas still in the pipeline.

I may be wrong, but given past backlash, I wouldn’t blame them for deciding to show off less, but have that “less” be stuff that they’re more sure of.


Q4TQ: Do we think the “Level a toon from 20 to 120 to unlock the Heritage Armor” requirement is literal, or will we be able to make a level 20 toon, boost to 110 (or gift RAF levels), and then level to 120 and unlock the Heritage Armor?

You definitely won’t be able to boost, but I’m pretty sure the game doesn’t have a way of distinguishing one type of one-level-at-a-time leveling from another. If you gain one level at a time from 20 to 110 — no matter how you happen to do that — you’ll get the gear.


The Classic WoW server sounds fun, but only for awhile. Those with rose-colored glasses will play it and tire of it after awhile, I imagine.

Q4tQ: will the WoW Classic servers eventually die off once everyone has hit level 60 or could they use the servers to set us off on a divergent path from the normal WoW history enabling an alternate timeline for Azeroth?

We know we went to Outland afterwards with the first expansion, but will WoW Classic see expansions at all and send us off onto a different adventure altogether? That could be an exciting opportunity to explore other storylines!

I agree it could be cool, but it’s never going to happen. Blizzard got enough flak for sending the main game on a confusing alternate-reality path, there’s no way they’d do an entire AU WoW. Plus, if that happened, anyone interested in experience that alternate experience would have to buy the game, and that’s the opposite point of Classic servers.

Trust me, I love all the possibilities divergent pathways could offer, but it won’t ever happen as a branch of the Classic servers that will come eventually.


Q4tQ: Who will be revealed as the PVE puppeteer to the current faction conflict flare-up, as must eventually happen:

1) Azshara: “Weaken both sides, move in for the kill.”
2) N’Zoth: (potentially working through Azshara, see above)
3) Something light-aligned and fanatic: “the one true path is that you are to war, that is your purpose.”
4) Some of the above, different for each faction (light talking to Anduin, shadow talking to Sylvanas).
5) Other/None of the above

5) Other

Warcraft is built upon conflicting factions. Even in the midst of Legion, Sylvanas tried to kill the Alliance military leader, and he took action that, in his mind, essentially ended her entire race’s hope of a future. Yes, the Burning Legion was the focus, but the faction animosity was still there. It’s there in every expansion. It’s not going away.

I know not everyone likes the faction conflict, but that’s what this is. It doesn’t mean we won’t see N’Zoth or Azshara or other threats — but it also doesn’t mean one of those forces is behind this.


Q4tAltoholics: with scaling coming for BfA, are you going to stop leveling alts and wait to see how it works out?

Not that I level alts too much, but even if I did, I wouldn’t hold off on what I have — I’d experience all that new scaling stuff on one of the new Allied Races.


Q4TQ: Do you think the Overwatch League is going to limit Blizzard in its ability to modify the game (buffs/nerfs, new maps and characters), especially during the season? Or do you think the OWL version of the game will be locked at the start of the season so that Blizz can do whatever it wants during it?

Nah. Look at Heroes of the Storm and HGC. They make plenty of changes and hero additions. But during matches, they’re usually playing a build behind the most recent update, which means they’ve had a couple weeks to get used to the patch they’re playing on.

I don’t know what the cycle will be in terms of how Blizzard “locks” the tournament builds, but I don’t think it will ever impact their ability to update the game.



As far as Classic servers are concerned:

Would you rather it be locked up at Vanilla the entire way or would you like a progression server of sorts that will cycle through expansions on set time increments?

In a perfect world I would love to have one locked and one that cycles through. I understand the logistics about maintaining a population on both and yada yada yada but hell; I can dare to dream.

I want it locked at a certain point. For selfish reasons, I want it locked at 1.8 because 1.9 is when wall-walking was removed… but since that probably won’t happen, I say lock it at one of the last patches before Burning Crusade and let people enjoy that.


Q4tQ: If a Voidelf Shadow Priest and a Lightforged Draenai Ret Paladin clashed in combat, would they create Fel?

2BE: Katherine Janeway Proudmoore vs Moira Thaurissan

  1. That’s not how Fel is made, silly! You need a Mommy Fel and a Daddy Fel who drank too much kool-aid from Gul’dan and made a mistake one night and then had to just kinda deal with it while their Shadow and Light neighbors on either side of their home envy them for a mistake that led to everyone being unhappy.
  2. Moira. From Overwatch .

Happy Queue, all. When this goes live, I’ll be mid-flight back to Michigan, assuming nothing goes wrong — which means no hanging out in the comments for me until a bit later today. Have a Tuesday!

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