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OverwatchJan 12, 2018 5:37 pm CT

Overwatch League day 2 recap: The Eastern division gets their shot

Day two of Overwatch League gave the rest of the teams a chance to show their stuff. Despite an earlier start for the Eastern division, the action stretched into the evening — and the crowd was there for all of it. If you need a recap for the premiere night, we have you covered — if not, we also have you covered on what you may have missed on night two.

The Florida Mayhem came out swinging, taking a victory on Dorado from the London Spitfire, holding them to one point captured. The Spitfire moved on to Temple of Anubis and took both points while holding the Mayhem to just one. That single point was the last one Florida took all night. A win on both Oasis and Numbani means the Spitfire took the series 3 to 1.

The Philadelphia Fusion and Houston Outlaws match was the closest of the night, duking it out through five maps for the tiebreaker. The Outlaws failed to take the final point on Dorado after the Fusion pushed the payload to the end, giving Philly the first map point. The Outlaws held firm on the Lunar Colony map, defending the final point after taking both points, giving them map two. Philly was looking dominant on Oasis, which put them up 2 to 1. They seemed pretty evenly matched on Eichenwald, but with a bigger time bank, the Outlaws were able to take that map, sending it to Lijiang Tower for the tiebreaker. The Fusion took both rounds — and the series — 3 to 2.


The final match-up for the day featured a bitter rivalry almost as old as sports itself — New York versus Boston. The Boston Uprising assaulted on Junkertown first against the New York Excelsior. New York held them short of the final point, then pushed past it on their turn. On Horizon, both teams stocked their time banks on round one. On round two, Boston held New York after the first point, then took that first tick on map two to take this map. On Ilios, New York started to really turn things around, taking both points easily. On Numbani, Boston failed to take point two, so New York pushed the payload to victory on the series, 3 to 1.

The extra dizzying dive meta was alive and well in the Eastern division as well. Oddly, one of the most standout performances was from a character that doesn’t really fit that meta. McCree counters some of these heroes — Tracer particularly — by stopping them in their tracks rather than zipping along after them. NYXL’s Pine performed like a cowboy possessed on Ilios. NYXL was held in high esteem before the season started, and after that first outing they’re sure to be a fan favorite, even before their fantastic skins, which we have a lovely gallery for.

Day three begins tonight at 6 p.m. CST on OverwatchLeague.com or Twitch.tv/OverwatchLeague.

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