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Blizzard WatchJan 19, 2018 2:30 pm CT

Get international treats on your doorstep with MunchPak

Blizzard Watch is part of a variety of affiliate programs that help keep our site running. You may have previously heard us share some of them on our podcast, but we’d like to share them on our site from time to time, too. In this medium, we can share a little more information — and make sure readers who don’t listen to our podcast are aware of them, too. These affiliates have all been hand-picked by us, each of them services we enjoy and hope you will, too. Today, we’d like to present Munchpak.

Munchpak is a subscription snack box featuring international treats. Personally, I’m a big fan of food-related boxes; they contain all of the excitement of a toy or gadget box, except full of deliciousness rather than oodles of trinkets you don’t really know what to do with. Early last month, we received a sample shipment to provide an idea of the types of snacks you might receive:

Their sample shipment included all three of MunchPak’s subscription tiers.

  • MunchPak Mini 5+ snacks for $12.95
  • MunchPak 10+ snacks for $22.95
  • MunchPak Family 20+ snacks for $42.95

Subscriptions are customizable both in terms of frequency and content, and if you pay for a long-term subscription rather than on a monthly basis, the price per shipment comes down as low as $9.95 per box for an annual subscription. If you want to receive shipments more often than monthly, you can. If you have dietary restrictions, you can customize a flavor profile. If you want a little extra, MunchPak also offers beverage add-on options.

In my sample shipment, I found a lot to like, even in the MunchPak Mini as seen above. The Burt’s Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar chips from the UK were one of my favorite; malt vinegar isn’t a flavor used often in American snacks. We have plenty of vinegar (which I like), but the malt vinegar was a milder, less tongue-zapping experience. The coffee was great, and conveniently, the MunchPak Mini included a Polish honey bear snack cake that paired well with it.

The standard-size MunchPak was my favorite of the three boxes overall, though that’s mostly the result of random chance. Everything in it was quite good, especially cookies with the chocolate panda face pictured at the bottom and the Milka Chips Ahoy bar. The Milka Oreo bar is prevalent in the US, but the Chips Ahoy variety is only available in Europe, as I understand it. Japanese gummies are always a treat, with a more tender texture than we typically have in the US — and while the Cannoli Chips didn’t blow me away, my girlfriend loved them, which I consider a win.

The Pikachu chews were the item that reminded me why I really enjoy getting snack boxes, though: I had a vague guess as to what they were before digging in, but I really wasn’t sure. What I assumed was a standard pack of gum turned out to be spicy cola candy chews. I fully expected a stick of gum — it looked like a stick of gum — but it was more like a lightly chewy taffy. Not only did its form take me for a loop, but a spicy cola candy was a pleasant little surprise on its own. While I can think of one or two candies in America flavored with cola (one of which is from a German company), it isn’t a common flavor here at all and I’ve begun to wish it was.

That’s what snack boxes are all about: fun, bite-sized discoveries, and trying things you’d never have considered before. Or, maybe, wouldn’t have had the opportunity to try otherwise. In the event you find something you truly like, chances are good you can buy more of it — on its own — on the MunchPak store.

Blizzard Watch earns a small commission on every new MunchPak subscription, so if any this interests you, do consider checking it out. And if you have any questions about any of the items pictured above, feel free to inquire below!

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