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WoWJan 23, 2018 1:00 pm CT

Discover the hidden secret of Dalaran’s mailroom and earn some awesome rewards

Have you ever wondered how exactly the mail gets delivered in Azeroth? In patch 7.3.5, it’s time to find out. There were a few items added in World of Warcraft’s latest patch that didn’t make the patch notes — secrets, if you will. One of the most impressive involves the care and delivery of letters and packages. It’s an entire quest chain with an assortment of fun rewards, and one very useful item — and unless you’re very observant, you’ll miss it entirely.

The quest begins at the mailbox in front of the Violet Citadel in Dalaran. Every three hours or so, an envelope will spawn on the ground. When clicked, the Lost Mail will deposit an envelope in your bags and despawn. The resulting quest asks you to deliver the letter to Madam Goya in the Underbelly. You’ll witness a pretty amusing exchange, and then, nothing…or so it seems. Checking your mailbox again will reveal a letter from the Postmaster, who needs some extra help down in the Dalaran Mailroom. After finding the secret entrance, you’ll be greeted by none other than the Postmaster himself.

Let’s face it — the mailroom is kind of a mess. No wonder he’s looking for help. You’ll need to catch some pesky letters to sort them. In addition, the mail system has been utterly clogged by players mailing Solid Stone — which seems to be a pretty clever reference to the Bank of Vernal in Utah. The Bank of Vernal is also known as the Bank that was sent by mail — in the early 1900’s, William H. Coltharp decided to take advantage of low postal rates to send masonry bricks by Parcel Post from Salt Lake City to Vernal. After the laborious process was complete, the U.S. Post Office changed the rules to limit customers to sending no more than 200 pounds per day per sender.

You aren’t building a bank here, though. You’re just trying to figure out how to get rid of all these blasted rocks. Luckily, the Postmaster’s assistant Katy Stampwhistle is willing to help you out. After that gigantic task is complete, the Postmaster has another task for you. Ever wonder how items you leave on corpses are returned to you? Katy’s pretty good with portals, and sends you to pick up an important item accidentally left behind in Icecrown Citadel. Once you’ve got it safely in hand, it’s off to the Steam Pools in Feralas to deliver it to its intended recipient…another familiar face.

Awesome errands

That’s right — Johnny Awesome makes his triumphant return. This time, you’re not the one sending him on errands, he’s got a few for you instead. This includes a return to the Eastern Kingdoms, and a visit to where poor Twinkles, his beloved steed, passed on from this world to gallop the great sparkling pasture in the sky. Regardless, once everything is done for Johnny, you’re left to return to Dalaran’s mailroom once more.

Now your tasks get a little trickier. Due to all the mailroom shenanigans, there’s a shortage of mailementals to sort letters and parcels. It’s your job to take over the sorting. In order to sort, you have to choose the correct continent for each letter — Kalimdor, Eastern Kingdoms, Northrend, Outland, Pandaria, or the Broken Isles, and click the associated tube. It’s not too difficult, because each option flashes up a city name, and a zone. Successfully sort 15 letters in a minute and you’ll be rewarded with the Total Package achievement. But the fun doesn’t stop there!

Completing the achievement opens the way for a new advanced round of minigame. This time, you’ll get a city name — but no zone. Successfully sort 30 letters in a minute through either the regular or advanced game and you’ll get the Post Haste achievement, earning you a Mailemental pet of your very own. Completing 30 letters in advanced mode will earn you the Priority Mail achievement, and give you the Postmaster title. But wait…we’re not quite done.

Additional rewards

Check your mail after you’ve finished. You’ll find a package from the Postmaster with a new toy for your collection. Katy’s Stampwhistle will summon Katy to your side. She’ll deliver and retrieve mail for you for 10 minutes — there’s a three-hour cooldown on the service, but hey, it’s another portal mailbox of sorts. A gnome-shaped mailbox. You’ll also get another piece of Lost Mail, this time bind-on-use. You can send the letter to a friend so they can start the quest themselves, or sell it on the AH for some quick cash if you like. And just so you never forget your charming postal adventures, you also get a small stack of Solid Stones. Thanks, Postmaster. Thanks a lot.

Here’s the fun part — I figured the entire quest was over at this point. However, when I logged on to check my mail the following day, I had another letter waiting for me. This one was from Johnny Awesome, who despite his general obnoxiousness saw fit to give me a tip for all the errand running. Attached to the letter was a Timeworn Heirloom Armor Casing, allowing me to upgrade an Heirloom to level 100. Thanks for the unexpected surprise, Johnny!

I have to say, this wild and weird sidetrack into the wonderful world of Azeroth’s mail was ridiculously entertaining. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the dire, epic, and emotional moments Legion has delivered so far. But there’s a certain charm in Azeroth’s strangest quests, and this was a welcome distraction from all the world-ending peril we’re in. To get started, you can camp the mailbox and try to snag a Lost Mail delivery of your own. Or if you’ve got gold to spare, check your local AH to see if any are up for purchase.

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