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The QueueFeb 7, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: This time it really is Wednesday

At least I think it’s Wednesday. It’s probably Wednesday. I give it at least a 70% chance.

And if I’m wrong, I’m just going to blame Chromie.


Q4tQ: Lets say Blizzard gives us a Gnomish-based Allied Race. Which specific branch of the Gnomes do you want to be made avaliable to the players? And which faction they should join? For which reasons? And which other Allied Race should be used as counterpart on the opposing faction (doesn’t need to be gnomish-based)?

You know how Mekkatorque always seems to be hanging out in his power armor these days? I think we should have some sort of “power armor” Gnome variant. Gnomes are tiny things, which gives them the ability to be agile in combat, but when it comes to taking a punch? Not so much. (Though this is what makes Gnome Death Knights, Warriors, and Monks so completely hilarious. They’re great and I love them.) It only makes sense for them to use their intellect to augment what they lack in physical strength. So why not have a subset of armored Gnomes who are limited to non-caster classes? They’re all about hitting things.

Goblins, who have the same limitations insofar as physical strength is concerned, could have their own variant of the race, with similar restrictions.

Of course, that does kind of beg the question of just what an Allied Race is. This would be a specialized subset of Gnomes and Goblins who focus on mechanical armaments, and maybe that makes more sense as a class (i.e. the occasionally suggested Tinker class).

However, I don’t think anything like this is going to happen. If it’s an Allied Race, the power armor thing would wreck havoc with actual armor and weapon models. It would almost have to be like a Druid form… which goes back to it making more sense as a class than a race.

Well, good job, Liz, you’ve just talked yourself out of your own idea.


QFTQ! I boosted my lvl 20 monk to 110 pretty much just to see the Monk/Hall and weapons lore. But it starts you with the Hall already unlocked. NPC characters in the Hall keep referencing the battle at the temple and such. Here is the question: What the heck happened at the temple? Is there any way to go and experience it on a boosted 110???

I am pretty bummed that level boosts can’t do the starting class hall quests, because they’re really cool. I boosted a Mage myself and was curious about their starting quests, but I’m apparently out of luck for playing through them, too.

Personally, I really enjoyed the beginning of the Monk’s Class Hall quests. They were very dark and set the tone for the destruction the Legion planned to unleash on Azeroth, as they attack the Peak of Serenity. (If that’s too dark for you though, don’t worry, because it does lighten up.) Unfortunately, there’s no way I know to revisit these in game — you just have to hit YouTube.

I found what looks to be a decent rundown of the Monk starting quests and the Windwalker Artifact quest. (Though there is a bit of language in this video, so maybe don’t play it out loud if you’re at work. Which you probably shouldn’t do anyway.)


The absolute best ‘dumbest way to die’ is an elevator boss.

What is wrong with elevators in Azeroth? Does no one have safety inspectors? How many minions do the bad guys lose on a daily basis to hazardous elevators without railings? It’s just not practical. Azeroth really needs its own version of OSHA to ensure a safe environment for us hard-working questers.


I was getting tired of having 12 alts, and was thinking about cutting down.
Then we got Allied Races. And four extra character slots as well.
Now I’m actually looking at playing 16 alts.
Blizzard has me in the palm of their hand. Send help.

I’m sorry, but with Allied Races I think we are now all beyond help.


Do you think we’ll see more added to the Darkmoon Faire in BfA?

I love the Darkmoon Faire, but I also tire quickly of doing the same old events. (Which makes it pretty weird that I’m an MMO player, doesn’t it?) Which means I think Darkmoon Faire is way overdue for some new content.

And why doesn’t the Faire have a proper big-top three ring circus? You could have quests to train lions and perform on the trapeze (ideally without getting eaten or falling to your death). What about an elephant — sorry, elekk — parade down the main run of the Faire? There’s just so much Blizzard could do with the carnival concept. So… come on, Blizzard, you know what the game needs is a Tauren trapeze act. It would be fantastic.


Which team do you think is going to win Overwatch League stage 1 playoffs?

Houston Outlaws because they have the coolest logo.

And even looking at it from a more practical bent, the Outlaws aren’t at the top of the League, but they also aren’t out of the running. It could happen. Let’s go, Outlaws!

And that’s all for today, folks. Anne will be here tomorrow to answer all of your questions and I will be back this time next week (probably) if you need more of my dazzling wit. I’ll see you then!

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