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WoWMar 15, 2018 5:00 pm CT

How to keep Xal’Atath forever

Let’s face it, Shadow Priests are, by and large, terrifyingly mad. I mean, they deliberately go around cavorting with Old Gods, even using Insanity as one of their resources. So it’s not surprising that they’re all in love with an inanimate piece of stabware that literally seeks the annihilation of all life on Azeroth and thanks them directly for their help in bringing said knife to the Titan’s seat of power. But now we find out just how deep that devotion goes — and it turns out it’s pretty deep. Reddit poster bookofinsanity posted a special Weak Aura so that Shadow Priests could keep chatting with their Void butterknife after the end of Legion.

A lot of people asked for it, so I spent a bunch of time emulating how Xal’atath worked, and wrote a weakaura so you can take your knaifu with you into BfA. from wow

Now, I of course understand the special bond between the howling, gibbering throng of Shadow Priests and their malevolent letter opener. As such, if you happen to want said Weak Aura for yourself, here’s a link to the download as well as a small explanation of what bookofinsanity did to make this possible. I don’t judge. And of course it may also be a touch of envy that none of the Warrior Artifacts talk. Plus, there’s not likely to be anything that lets me keep sending the Trolls in Throne of Thunder or the Cataclysm Troll-Heroic dungeons running in panic as soon as I show up.

Still, let it never be said that I begrudge people their happiness. If certain players have found solace in cuddling up to a creepy box cutter, I say best wishes for you all. May you forever hear your beloved sinister shank whispering sweet nothings about how all life is doomed to be consumed, or whatever it is y’all talk about. It’s also mentioned that bookofinsanity is working on a similar weakaura for Aluneth, which is great for Mages who also enjoy bickering with their Artifact. No word on if Warlocks will get similar love for Thal’kiel and the Skull of the Man’ari, which are similarly talkative. Here’s hoping. Everyone should get to talk to the Artifacts they love, or hate, or love to hate even after Legion is over.

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