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DiscussionApr 19, 2018 8:00 am CT

Which class just doesn’t click with you?

The Legion expansion has officially gone on long enough that I have almost every class at max level — and reasonably well-geared, thanks to Argus. No, none of them have raid gear, but the drops from Argus ensure none of them are going to have any issue doing whatever they want in solo or small-group content. I didn’t have any trouble adapting to any of them. Even if I struggled with, for example, leveling a Mage moreso than a Death Knight, I eventually got the hang of it and came to enjoy myself. I wouldn’t say I’m great at all of them, but I’m at least passable with most of them. Overall, I enjoyed myself with every new character.

There’s one glaring exception: Monks. I put off leveling a Monk to last because they never seemed too interesting to me to begin with. But now that I’m doing it, it confirms my initial reaction. Nothing about the class engages me at all, and while the character is close to 110, it’s a real pain the butt. In most cases, when I wasn’t enjoying another class, I could solve that problem by changing talent specs. Shadow Priest wasn’t doing it for me, so I tried Discipline — and fell in love. In the case of Monks, I’ve given all three talent specs a shot and find each of them equally miserable.

Windwalker’s gameplay in particular feels slow and plodding, bizarrely reliant on long cooldowns and channeled abilities for a melee spec. At least during the leveling process, Rising Sun Kick feels like the only ability that actually does anything, and every other button I push is simply biding my time until the Rising Sun Kick cooldown is over. Fists of Fury does quite a bit of damage, too, but the fun factor of standing in melee range and using a channeled ability is… questionable at best. It just doesn’t feel good or interactive.

Juggling brews in Brewmaster struck me as busywork, and I have an admittedly illogical grudge against Mistweaver: Chi-Ji drives me up the freakin’ wall, zipping around in all of my dungeon groups. For me, personally, I just can’t find any redeeming qualities in this class. I feel like the class wants to be over-the-top goofy, but fails to accomplish that goal by being so… boring.

This is, of course, all personal preference. The things I hate, someone else might love. I adore playing more Warlock and Warrior, but it’s entirely possible one of you loathe those classes. So fill me in: Which class do you struggle to play? Have you taken them to max level, or did you give up on it?

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