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The QueueMay 9, 2018 2:22 pm CT

The Queue: [REDACTED]

So I was going to talk about [REDACTED] today, because the news about [REDACTED] being [REDACTED] is blowing my mind. But [REDACTED], so let’s just answer some questions.


I had a Q 4 Liz, but work drove it right out of my brain.

Yeah, this happens to me a lot too.


Q4tQ: With BfA going back to the faction war, I’ve seen a lot more discussion about the feel of each faction and what originally led players to choose their faction. A large (or at least vocal) group of Horde players talk about how back in classic the Horde was more of the scrappy underdog, comprised of outcast or downtrodden races. Over the years that feeling has been somewhat lost, and now the current conflict boils down to the Horde being evil and always attacking first, and the Alliance acting noble and just responding.

Do you think Blizzard could pull off a story where the Alliance becomes the aggressors, trounces the Horde, and restores the faction identity they lost of being the underdogs? My worry is that most players seem to demand an exact tit for tat story (Vol’jin’s death which only served to balance the loss of Varian) and would revolt if Blizzard would try to push a “down but not out” story.

Playing characters that have, over time, become cast as the bad guy is kind of frustrating. My WoW time has been pretty evenly split between factions, and the Horde has only gotten harder to empathize with. The accept quest button is honestly hard to click sometimes, and that’s not fun. Meanwhile, the Alliance’s insistence on always being the good guys and doing nothing about faction aggression is just as not fun.

This might have been an interesting storyline once, but it keeps happening. It’s long since become tiring and something has to give.

Theat “something” could be plenty of different things, though. Maybe it’s the Alliance deciding to punch back. Maybe it’s the Horde fragmenting into its own sub-factions (which already seems to be happening, if not formally). Maybe it’s a third faction popping up, full of people who are just done with this h*ckin’ nonsense.

I don’t necessarily think that the Horde need to go back to being scrappy outcasts, but the story, in general, needs to do something new. The status quo has gotten tiring and I hope Blizzard is going to do something new. Anything new. Let’s not cycle from “Horde gets new leader” to “LEADER IS EVIL” to “Horde gets new leader” again.

(Yes, I know, I’ve forgotten Vol’jin. But since the game also pretty much forgot Vol’jin, I don’t see the problem with that.)


Will the internet survive when it turns out Sylvanas is BfA’s version of Illidan, by that expansion’s end?

I’ve never been an Illidan fan, but I found his Legion story really compelling. It was interesting to see his side of the story unfold, and to see him push back against the idea that he needed to be “fixed” before he could be the hero destiny demanded. Illidan has made mistakes (and plenty of them), but those mistakes have made him who he is. And it turns out… that was someone we needed when it came to finally defeating the Burning Legion.

Thinking about it, I can see how a similar logic might apply to Slyvanas. A life (and death) full of terrible choices led her to where she is now. She’s powerful in her own right, but also commands a force large enough to change the face of Azeroth… and she’s trying to bend the world to her will. Is Blizzard going to turn Sylvanas being a villain into Slyvanas being the hero we need just when we need her?

But also… they just did that.

I was just talking about the how the faction war is boring purely because it’s a status quo that hasn’t changed in years. The Horde are the bad guys, the Alliance are the good guys, and we’re all frustrated with the holding pattern we’re stuck in. (And, frankly, kind of bored.) I really, really hope Blizzard isn’t thinking, “This story worked for Illidan, so let’s use it with Sylvanas!” And I equally hope Blizzard isn’t thinking, “This story worked for Garrosh, so let’s use it with Sylvanas!”

Kick the status quo and give us something new.


Question for Everyone: So now with artifact weapons being gone in BfA do you think that players will go back to being mainly judged on the weapon that they’re carrying around?

Wait, really? People judged others based on their weapons? How would you even do that with everyone having their weapon transmogged into Ashkandi (or other weapon of choice)? Do you have to inspect everyone to see what they have equipped and then judge them? And if you do that, can’t you just as easily judge them on their whole set of gear? Why the weapon specificity?

I’m going to suggest… let’s just try not to judge people.

Except for tanks who don’t hold aggro and DPS who stand in the fire. But that’s not their poor weapon’s fault.


Q4tQ: What’s the deal with Kul Tirans having so few class choices? Have they just not announced them all yet?

Honestly, all I’ve heard for Kul Tirans is Druids. (A quick search tells me Wowhead agrees with me on that point… unless there’s newer info which I’ve missed and the page just hasn’t been updated yet.)

So I think the real answer has to be that the classes haven’t been finalized. But, honestly, how can you look at the Kul Tiran Druid forms and want to be anything else? And because Druids can plan every class role, do you really need other classes?

The only real snag is that, story-wise, not all Kul Tirans are Druids, but I’m sure someone could retcon this in. Jaina is secretly a Balance Druid, pass it on.


Q4tQ: I’m farming low(er)-level world drops, and researched the drops from Wowhead, which pointed me at a particular zone, because that would be a good place to find level 48-55 mobs. But when I got there, the mobs — thanks to scaling in leveling zones — were all 59 and 60. That made me wonder if those same mobs would even drop the low-level greens I was looking for, given that they were now above the level they used to be. Does anyone know if they would still drop the same loot table? This has implications for us transmog hunters.

As commenters have mentioned, despite scaling, drops remain where they always have been. So, yes, you can still go and farm for materials or gear in what was originally the appropriate leveling zone for them.

This means that you can still go farm linen if you need it, but it also makes that linen (or that whatever you’re looking for) a little harder to find. The lines have all started to blur. I’m already forgetting the original order of leveling zones, so when I’m looking for something that I know was in a specific level range, I have to go to Wowhead. That feels a little weird, but that’s the nature of change.

So, ahem, back to your original transmog question… the drop locations haven’t changed, though the scaling has. So if you’re level 60 farming for some level 30 greens, it’s going to be challenging because everything will scale to 60. But for the vast majority of us, I doubt it will be a problem, beyond finding the zones that were originally where level 30 greens dropped.


Is it easy enough already (again) to get the 15+ Mythic achievement?

This entirely depends on who you’re playing with. I was running a +7 with some newer players this week and it did not go well. But then I immediately turned around and ran a +9 with players who knew their stuff and it went off without a hitch. (Except for the fact that Sanguine is really hard to see in Darkheart Thicket.) It’s possible to outgear Mythic+, but unless you really outgear it, you have to pay attention to the mechanics and the affixes to succeed. At +15 you have three annoying affixes to make your life more difficult.

This week, that’s bolstering (enemies buff their compatriots’ health when they die, making big group pulls harder), explosive (enemies can summon explosive orbs that explode for 50% of your health), and tyrannical (bosses have more health and deal more damage). None of these are impossible to overcome, but you have to know the affixes and how to handle them if you want to succeed. (Check this site for the week’s Mythic affixes, if you’re game to try some runs.)

I think it’s entirely possible to be well-geared to do a +15 even without being super hardcore. Gear on Argus puts you on really good footing for Mythic+. But you can’t ignore the fight mechanics and you can’t ignore the affixes. Find a group that can handle that, and you’ve got this.

That’s all for today, my Blizzard watchers. Let us carry on watching for Blizzards throughout the week and into the weekend, yes?

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