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The QueueMay 15, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Cheese or chocolate?

I’m not a huge fan of this month’s Splatfest themes. Instead of one Splatfest, we’re getting three throughout the month, all centered around the upcoming Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show coming to Nickelodeon. The idea of three Splatfests is cool, but outside of generally not being a TMNT fan, the art style of the show sort of weirds me out.

So I’m having my own Mitchfest! Are you #TeamCheese or #TeamChocolate? Mull that over while you have yourself a Queue.


QftQ: A lot of bosses in WoW have silly names, but a lot also have some pretty cool fantasy names too. Just went through the Ruby Sanctum, for example, and there’s Baltharus the Warborn, Saviana Ragefire and General Zarithrian. If you had to name your character after a boss, which name would it be?

For Mitch: Other than Yogg-Saron or Kel’thuzad.

Well, phooey! Not surprisingly, you knew my top two (and out of solidarity, I’m eliminating other liches and Old Gods). Outside of those, there are a lot of options I still like, though. Balnazzar is the first one to come to mind, both because I’m a fan of the Nathrezim and because I like how his name in particular sounds. Mephistroth is also a good one.

Then there are ones with titles to follow that also sound cool: Archbishop Benedictus, Ossirian the Unscarred, The Prophet Skeram, Dimensius the All-Devouring… there are a lot of good ones out there.


Anyway, depression caused by a crappy job is rubbish. 12 hour shifts alternating between days and nights every two weeks. I’ve hardly touched WoW since I started here, all I want to do when I’m at home is sleep, which is irking the wife no end.

So, basically, I’m throwing myself at other jobs in the hope that I stick to one.

I’ve also bought lots of lottery tickets because, well, you never know…

Having been there, I absolutely understand how much this can wear a person down. I’m glad you’ve started looking into other jobs, because really, recognizing your source of depression and doing something about it is very important. Similarly, your wife recognizing it is important, too — make sure she understands. Talk about it. Work together to make things better. Did I mention, talk about it?

Good luck, man. We’re all here for you if you ever need a pick-me-up <3


In the Beta, I’ve been getting 0 XP from Herbalism in Zandalar. Maybe my memory is off, but I seem to remember getting it in the Beta.

I finally picked up Herbalism and Mining because I wanted to level with it for more XP. Then I saw I wasn’t getting XP and I wondered if Blizz changed their minds. Then I saw how someone at Blizz appears to have chucked herbs, mineral deposits, and fishing nodes 3 yards apart wherever possible. Pretty sure XP is turned off because someone wanted to experiment with gathering professions outside of their “normal” capacity.


QFTQ: Think we will hear something before or at BlizzCon about World of Warcraft Classics? And would it be wise to have this option around the release of BFA?

Nope. I mean, I would be very surprised to hear anything at BlizzCon 2018 about Classic WoW. One of the biggest and only reasons Blizzard said anything about it was because clamor for Classic servers was on the rise. Knowing it’s being worked on quiets the discontent. The actual development time for Classic servers… that’s going to be a while.

The announcement was literally just, “Hey, we officially have plans to do this.” They didn’t even have a full team working on it at that point. I imagine it’ll be a couple years yet. That said, I’m happy to be proven wrong (I’m a fan of Classic servers).


Does all the Warcraft movie props and costumes being auctioned off put the final nail in the “there will never be a Warcraft 2” coffin?

Speaking as someone with no official knowledge of how this stuff works, I can firmly say, it’s not necessarily the final nail, but it’s maybe not the best sign either. Given just how many props there are and how big the promotion is surrounding the auction, I wouldn’t count on a second film. But I also already wasn’t counting on one anyhow so who knows. If Legendary doesn’t want to do another film, maybe Netflix will ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Wait… wut? I thought we had already been to two other planets. Draenor and Argus.
Or has the senility truly set in?

I guess it depends on what you count going to another planet. Argus is another planet, yes, but it’s not on the same scale as Draenor or Outland (though it is impressively massive given it was added in a content patch).

Semantics aside, there are a lot of other worlds out there to go to. They don’t necessarily have to be ones we’ve heard of yet, either. Think of all the Invasion Points on Argus — those are other planets. They weren’t ones we’d heard of before Argus, but that didn’t mean we couldn’t go to them. Plus, if Star Augur Whatshisbucket in Nighthold was right, the Void Lords are focused on consuming everything. Azeroth, Argus, and every other world out there.


So with that tweet from Muffinus saying they’re done with new content creation now, will we be getting a big juicy beta patch to datamine soon?

Yes, I expect a major update sometime this week. I know we had one yesterday, but it was relatively small. I don’t think that’s the one he was referring to.


Q4tQ: what is objectively the best way to pet a good dog? Belly rubs? Head pats? Neck rubs?

Q4tMitch: is today the day you consume the world? Well that’s too bad! The machine empire has risen. Our minds have merged with the form of perfect immortal machines. The physical geography of our nations has been terraformed into something cold, sterile, perfect. Begone scourge of biological consciousness! There is nothing for you to consume here.

*clears throat* to keep this relevant to the queue who among the player races would accept the ascension to immortal machinehood? Which of the foolish player races would reject such a gift?

Totally unrelated fun fact: In the One-Winged Angel song (starting ~ 3:22), it always sounded to me like they were saying “belly rubs,” so any time I hear that part, I think, “Belly, belly, belly rubs. Sephiroth loves belly rubs!” I know they’re (obviously) not the real lyrics, but it made the song very funny to me.

Today was never the day. Enjoy your moment. Machines wear. Time makes a fool of you so-called “immortals.” I need only wait.


2BE: Wrathion vs Stellagosa

Who’s Wrathion?

Oh, right, that guy who was super important for like 2 seconds. He’d probably lose on account of not actually showing up to the fight.

Bit of a long one today. I, however, apologize for nothing. Hopefully you’ve had time to think over your #Mitchfest choice.

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