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The QueueJun 6, 2018 12:01 pm CT

The Queue: This is a very silly Queue

Yes, this is a very silly Queue. (Or at least it’s 50% very silly.) You have been warned.


Q4tQ BfA starts out faction v faction and there’s been a fair bit of moaning about ‘this again’, what story would you like to see them tell in the Warcraft universe?

I’d like some stories that look backwards instead of forwards. We have a tendency to tromp around and ruin everything (I’m looking at you, Pandaria), then pack up and go off on our next adventure. I’d like an expansion where we do something good.

I realize that the happy fun expansion idea where we all get along and work together to finally rebuild all the stuff we’ve wrecked in Azeroth and Pandaria and everywhere else doesn’t feature a lot of conflict. But something like this could feature political intrigue, with groups in each faction who reject the peace. Think about the class storylines in Legion, which (usually) didn’t involve you running off to defeat a huge, scary monster, but instead gathering people together to fight for a common goal. That included some people we just don’t trust, like Magatha Grimtotem, who joined the Shaman class hall in the Legionfall campaign.

There are lots of opportunities for drama, and to continue the storylines from Legion… and perhaps while we’re delving into that drama we can manage to do something about the flooded Menethil and help repair the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

It would be an expansion focused on peace, and the immense difficulty of keeping it.

That and I really just want to fix the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I miss that place.


Q4tQ: I know, BfA hasn’t even launched… and yet, I’m gonna ask about the NEXT expansion anyway (9.0, let’s call it). What do you think it’ll be?

Personally, I think we will have to contend with the Lich King again… and that’s where Sylvanas is gonna save us. Not from Void Lords and Old Gods, but from Bolvar on his frozen throne and the Scourge he commands.

And speaking of stories from Legion that need to be continued, our current Lich King — who plays a big role in the Death Knight class campaign — is a problem that needs addressing. What is Bolvar up to, and is he even Bolvar anymore?

Out of all of the class hall campaigns, that’s the one I’m most curious about. I want to know what happens next.


Q4tQ: Assuming that they attempt some kind of Warmonger symmetry between Jaina and Sylvanas… I have to ask: Recent controversial warchief actions aside, is there a following for Jaina among players and fans like there is for the Dark Lady? I realize that any axis that juxtaposes these two senior warmaidens of Warcraft doesn’t have to reach actual parity, but I get this feeling like we’re supposed to go all team Jaina on the Alliance and… I mean that is SO not the case in my immediate circle.

I think she maybe deserves some loyalty more than she gets it though, so… is it out there and I’m just missing it or is Jaina as hated by Alliance players in general as she is by the Alliance-identifying voices I hear most often?

I haven’t personally seen Jaina hate amongst my circle of friends, but I have seen concern that Blizzard is turning her into a one-dimensional warmonger (i.e. Garrosh). However, looking at how Battle for Azeroth is shaping up, I don’t think Blizzard is going that way — and I’m glad. What we’ve seen of the beta so far certainly tells us that Jaina is a powerful mage, but she hasn’t lost all reason. She means to protect the Alliance, but she knows returning to Kul Tiras to recruit their aid in the war will have a personal cost — and it’s one she’s willing to pay. There’s the question of how far Jaina will go to defend her own, which could become a warmongery thing, but we just don’t know yet.

Sylvanas, on the other hand, certainly seems to be preparing for war. However, from what we’ve seen of Before the Storm — no, I won’t spoil it for you — she isn’t rushing thoughtlessly into battle. Like Jaina, Sylvanas is interested in protecting her own, and she’s probably willing to go to any lengths to do so. But she’s still not a Garrosh: Sylvanas has always been careful and smart, and she is the same here. It doesn’t look like she’s becoming a maniacal villain.

As to these two characters’ fanbases, I think there’s less fuss over Jaina simply because she’s been absent from the game for quite a while. It’s hard to support someone you never see, who has stepped away from taking an active role in Azeroth. I feel she’ll have her fans as she makes more appearances in the expansion.



Wait, I though we decided that the late Queues were due to Liz and her trifling gnomes.

That is a wild and false accusation. Is it because I’m a Gnome? Is it because I am usually the one to come in here and politely inform you that the Queue is running late? Regardless, this is an unfounded insult.

Just for that, today’s Queue will be late.


Q4tQ: Indiscriminate cannibals move into Azeroth. Which race will taste the best to them?

Follow up: What the best way to prepare them?

I think the answer to that is obvious, but I also think it’s rude to encourage eating other races.


Q4TQ: Should the forthcoming Dance Studio be extended to allow us to use other racial animations too? I would love it if all my Hunters could backflip when they Disengage (it uses the Jump animation, so it’ll flip you sometimes on NElf).

Kalcheus no.

Everyone, you need to stop holding out hope for the dance studio. Your hopes will inevitably be smashed. No one wants that, so save yourself the heartache and give up now.


It’s only Tuesday. Why is it only Tuesday? Q4tQ: WHY IS IT ONLY TUESDAY?

At least it’s Wednesday now.

And that, my friends, is all for today. Anne will be back tomorrow, returning us to our regular schedule so you don’t need to worry.

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