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WoWAug 23, 2018 2:00 pm CT

I found him and you can, too — Pepe has returned in Battle for Azeroth

For those of you who took a break from WoW and have returned for Battle for Azeroth, the name Pepe will leave you a bit perplexed. You might also find the excitement around this little bundle of orange to be a bit bewildering. Briefly, Pepe is a bird, introduced in Warlords of Draenor, who perches on your head when you summon him. He’s one of hundreds of fun things you can do when you’re not out killing turtles or gathering mats. If you’ve kept up with his exploits, you’ll be happy to know he’s made his way to Kul’Tiras and Zandalar.

On the Alliance side, Diver Pepe is in Catherine Morgan’s house. She’s located off Unity Square in Boralus. The carrot on this map shows the location of the house.

You can pet her cats while you’re there. Pepe is in the fish tank in front of the painting. Notice the cat who seems quite enamored by our feathered friend who is under water. Just click on him and he shows up on your head and in your bags. Click on the item in your bags and Diver Pepe will be added to your appearances.

If you’re searching for him Horde side, Tiki Pepe is in the Hot House in Dazar’alor. This place was much easier to find than Catherine Morgan’s. If you head into the Zocalo, it’s the fourth door on the right.

Pepe can be found on the right side of the room, just on the left side of an awning. As with capturing him in our garrisons, you’re going to have to employ either a priest to levitate you or your mad jump/click skills. Once you’ve clicked on him, he’s on your head and in your bags. Click the token to add this appearance to Pepe’s wardrobe.

I have not been able to determine if the hats are cross-faction — in other words, you learn it on one character, you have it unlocked for all of them. In the past, if you wanted all your Pepe’s to have all the hats, you had to go find them on all your characters, so I suspect this is the same. It’s going to mean some cross-faction attacks in order to get the other faction’s hat.

Pepe can be found in a few other locations, but they don’t seem to do anything, at least right now. There is a Pepe in the Zo’bal Ruins in Nazmir, sitting above a doorway. Pepe can also be found in a wall safe in King’s Rest, as well as sitting next to a fisherman in Stormsong. And there is the Pepe pictured below, located in the southwest corner of the Barrowknoll Cemetery in Drustvar.

As with other instances of Pepe around Draenor and the Broken Isles, it’s possible these Pepes are just for added flavor in a zone. I have to admit to a double and triple take while doing quests in the cemetery because I wasn’t expecting to see Pepe. Maybe they are harbingers of a new wardrobe gathering quest. Given all the other exciting things you can find, I wouldn’t be surprised. So, take a walk over to these two locations and get yourself a Pepe.

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