Battle For Azeroth

Yes, you’ll be able to get (most) Artifact appearances after Legion I’ve been wondering about Artifact appearances in Battle for Azeroth, especially considering our Artifacts are getting an epic sendoff and there’s a whole new kind of Artifact in the next expansion. Are we still going to be able to go back and complete certain appearances that we just haven’t finished either due to luck, time, or other...

paladins in their order hall
Blizzard learned from the mistakes of Artifacts to make the Heart of Azeroth As they plan a new expansion, the World of Warcraft developers look at the current expansion’s systems. They ask themselves what worked, what didn’t and how they can use those answers to make the next expansion better. It’s one of the things which produces the signature Blizzard shine and brings me back to their games again...

WoW Live Developer Q&A today will cover patch 7.3.5, Antorus, and BlizzCon We’ll be getting another Live Developer Q&A today with Game Director Ion Hazzikostas. He’ll be discussing a variety of Legion questions including the upcoming raid and patch 7.3.5, as well as questions about the announcements from BlizzCon.

What the heck is happening with Vol’jin in Battle for Azeroth? Vol’jin’s death at the beginning of Legion was devastating on a number of levels. Not only did the Horde lose its then-Warchief, but he was also killed by a lowly minion — not exactly the epic death Varian received.

Battle for Azeroth prequel novel Before the Storm gets June 2018 release date If you’ve been waiting for news on when Before the Storm, the prequel novel to Battle for Azeroth, will be released you need wait no longer. However, you will need to wait a bit longer for the actual book.

Class utility changes in Battle for Azeroth pose a hurdle for WoW’s class devs One of the big questions that comes with every new World of Warcraft expansion is what’s going to happen to your favorite class and/or spec. Expansions typically come with the expectation of major revamps — some more major than others — and Legion was an even more extreme case than most.

Do you want Battle for Azeroth to have major class changes? In more than one interview, Blizzard has come across as having little plans in the way of major class overhauls come Battle for Azeroth. Rather than the sorts of major sweeping changes we saw with Legion, Blizzard’s intent seems to be on fine-tuning said changes.

classes in legion
Don’t expect major class changes in Battle for Azeroth World of Warcraft’s expansions have become known for their wide, sweeping changes, and systems overhauls every time a new one comes out. Legion was no exception, and perhaps contained the most extreme overhauls as the WoW devs hammered out each class and spec according to class fantasy.

No real money loot boxes coming in Battle for Azeroth YouTube duo Taliesin and Evitel had an opportunity to interview World of Warcraft producers Ray Cobo and Shani Edwards during BlizzCon 2017, focusing upon the newly announced Battle for Azeroth. In their interview, they touched on two of Battle for Azeroth’s hottest topics: boats and loot boxes.

Know Your Lore: The secrets of Battle for Azeroth We got to see a kickass cinematic, watched some panels, and heard Jaina’s chilling voiceover on the features trailer. But what do we actually know about Battle for Azeroth? What’s the story of the upcoming expansion?

Here’s what’s happening to your Artifacts in Battle for Azeroth Artifact weapons have been an integral part of Legion, but they’ll be getting some changes in the next expansion, Battle for Azeroth. First and foremost, they’re going away.

What Allied Race would get you to faction transfer? With the introduction of Allied Races to World of Warcraft, Blizzard has opened up the door to opportunities that are only limited by whichever roster of races exists in the game at any given time. Almost immediately following this announcement, the floodgates were opened for players to start wondering which of their favorite races would,...

alliance allied races
Officers’ Quarters: Guilds in the Battle for Azeroth BlizzCon dropped quite a few bombs on the WoW community: classic WoW realms, game-wide level scaling, and a new expansion. In the WoW Systems panel, Blizzard also announced a slew of new features to help us organize and communicate with other players.

Why did you pick your faction? Battle for Azeroth brings the Horde and Alliance conflict back to the forefront of the story. I saw first hand at BlizzCon how deep faction pride runs as the crowd yelled “For the Horde” or “For the Alliance.” I’ve worn both colors over my World of Warcraft career.

Allied races and their Heritage Armor – what it is and isn’t If you’re wondering what Heritage Armor is, wonder no more. During the Battle for Azeroth reveal at BlizzCon 2017 we found out that we’re getting Allied Races in the upcoming expansion.

BlizzCon 2017: Hands-on with Battle for Azeroth’s Dungeons Two five-man instances from Battle for Azeroth were available on the show floor. With the renewed emphasis on the Horde versus Alliance conflict, each faction had a representative dungeon from the leveling experience.