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WoWAug 30, 2018 3:00 pm CT

Horde players can raise their own Pterrordax mount with a month-long quest chain

Growing up I loved dinosaurs — I loved how big they were, and the teeth, and the idea of giant monstrous things roaming around the world and flying in the skies. That never really went away, and now thanks to a rare drop in Zandalar I can raise my very own Pterrodax to ride on! Ten year old me would be so jealous.

This quest chain is for Horde players only — sorry Alliance — and will start with an egg that drops off of any of the numerous Pterrodax found across Zandalar. Personally I like the Bloodraged Pterrodax found between The Zocalo and Zanchul, they’re right next to a Shrine to Gonk, which provides a couple of nice raptors to help when you fight multiple enemies. Be prepared to be killing for quite a while if you’re unlucky. I still don’t have my own, as the egg has a fairly low drop rate. Be patient, and maybe bring a friend with skinning along — there’s going to be a lot of leather on the ground.

Ptraining your Pterrodax

Much like the Order of the Cloud Serpent, Winterspring Tiger, and Venomhide Ravasaur you’re going to have to do some work before you get a new mount. Kua’fon hatches from the egg and it’s up to you to raise him! This means a month long series of daily quests to do before the little guy is big enough for you to ride on. You’ll start with the more mundane aspects of dinosaur raising — feeding it kibble, and making sure that it doesn’t get stuck in a tree. It’s also got a Nose for Ptrouble, you’ll have to rescue it from bigger meaner dinosaurs. After seven days of quests like this, he’ll get bigger and you’ll take him for his first flight!

The quest chain continues for another 21 days of quests and flight training. Highlights include the amazingly named No Ptake only Throw, where you get to play fetch with Kua’fons favorite skull. There’s also Falling with Style which looks like a fun mini-game where you have to guide Kua’fon through a course of cloud rings to raise his confidence towards flying. In the end you build a great bond with Kua’fon — he’s ready to go out adventuring, and you get the achievement How to Ptrain your Pterrodax. He’s listed as a ground mount right now, but there may be more follow up quests further down the line to get him airborne. He’s quite a large dinosaur though — bigger than any of the other Pterrodax mounts available — so it might take some work to take off.

Hopefully there’s an equivalent chain for the Alliance side soon. Maybe they can find a lost gryphon cub somewhere in Tiragarde Sound and train it to be ferocious. These chains are some of my favorite, it’d be nice for players on both sides to get the opportunity. The variety in quests and fun little games is a great way to earn a mount. Putting in the time to raise the mount makes it feel special, and definitely earns it a place on my favorite mount list.

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