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Cory Taylor

Cory Taylor @CoryjTaylor — Cory comes from the Land of Ice and Snow, an avid Blizzard fan he's been hooked since Warcraft 2. He spends his time in Warcraft as a Guardian Druid, and out of Warcraft wishing he could spend 6 months out of the year hibernating.

The Queue: Enter Sludgefist

Last night my guild managed to kill the Mythic Council of Blood finally. That was the fight we had progressed to back in Shadowlands season one, but we never managed to defeat. We had gotten close a couple of times, but never quite had the oomph to defeat the final council member.

Now though, we’re all over that oomph!

If only we could do as well in Sanctum or Sepulcher. We haven’t managed to get further in the current season than we’d been in their first seasons yet. For Sanctum we’d have to get past Painsmith, and for Sepulcher it might mean Halondrus. Neither of which sounds like y’know, fun times.

While I steel myself for more Sanctum progression tomorrow, it’s time for — The Queue.


The Queue: Freedom!

I honestly forgot what I was going to say here because while I was procrastinating writing the Queue, I actually finally got the Blackhand Mythic mount!

I’ve been farming that once a week on my Druid for a long, long, long time. It took until its 170th kill for it to drop. There are about another 100 attempts scattered across my other characters, but the Druid was the only consistent one that I was running Blackhand on. Especially since I had it down to a quick post-raid routine. Take my garrison portal, use the mole machine to go to Gorgrond, fly up to the boundary, and kill Blackhand — five minutes, easy peasy. Now I don’t even have to think about it anymore! I’m free!

While I figure out what’s next on the old mount list to hunt for, it’s time for — The Queue.

The Queue: Cold Hard Cash

I think my favorite thing about Fated raids is that we’ve gotten to see Rendle in Castle Nathria again. I love this lil guy. Just so eager to please and fix our gear for us!

I also love that I think his pile of gold has gotten bigger since the last time we were in Nathria. That’s one of the little things that has made World of Warcraft so great over the years, little touches like that.

While I give him a little more gold after yet another Sun King’s Salvation wipe, it’s time for — The Queue.

The Queue: J-e-l-l-o

After a long and hard-fought fight against the Jailer, the last Fated boss has fallen to my guild. Here are the spoils of our victory — this ooey-gooey cat.

I will love and cherish him forever, even if I think he could be scaled up a tiny bit more.

While I try and figure out what a jelly cat eats, it’s time for — The Queue.

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