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Cory Taylor

Cory Taylor @CoryjTaylor — Cory comes from the Land of Ice and Snow, an avid Blizzard fan he's been hooked since Warcraft 2. He spends his time in Warcraft as a Guardian Druid, and out of Warcraft wishing he could spend 6 months out of the year hibernating.

The Queue: I love goooooold

I got the Fallen Charger mount! So I immediately made up a new transmog set to go with it. Luckily the new cosmetics from Torghast really match, especially if you can reach the Adamant Vaults and get the golden versions of them. I do wish we’d gotten complete sets of armor rather than just the back pieces and shoulders, but I’m still really happy with how this look turned out.

While I try and figure out what you feed to an undead nightmare horse, it’s time for — The Queue.

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