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Cory Taylor

Cory Taylor @CoryjTaylor — Cory comes from the Land of Ice and Snow, an avid Blizzard fan he's been hooked since Warcraft 2. He spends his time in Warcraft as a Guardian Druid, and out of Warcraft wishing he could spend 6 months out of the year hibernating.

The Queue: Late night pie

It’s currently a little after midnight on Monday morning and I just ate a delicious piece of pie. It was an apple, lemon, and raisin pie with apples from my parent’s backyard. You can all go ahead and be jealous now.

While you’re getting over your pie related jealousy, it’s time for — The Queue.

The Queue: Snow!

We finally got our first big snowfall in Edmonton. I’m honestly surprised that we didn’t have any up until now. Over the weekend we got somewhere around 20-40cm in one nice big storm, roughly 8-16 inches for those of you not using the Metric system. Time to break out the snowshoes and get supplies I guess.

While I put on 5 more layers, it’s time for — the Queue.

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