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Cory Taylor

Cory Taylor @CoryjTaylor — Cory comes from the Land of Ice and Snow, an avid Blizzard fan he's been hooked since Warcraft 2. He spends his time in Warcraft as a Guardian Druid, and out of Warcraft wishing he could spend 6 months out of the year hibernating.

The Queue: It’s the most wonderful time of the year

I love the fall season. The leaves are changing colors, the air is crisper so I can actually wear one of my several sweaters without overheating, and Halloween spooks are popping up all over the place. It’s my favorite holiday, and I love that it’s right around the corner. I also love that the Headless Horseman will be back soon. I’m a sucker for a fun rhyme, and he’s full of them!

While I try and figure out what I dress up as for Halloween, it’s time for — the Queue.

The Queue: The Banshee Queen

Ahead of the Curve!

My guild finally got our first Sylvanas kill! If you’ve been keeping score at home, that’s three Mythic bosses before a full Heroic clear. Difficulty curves are weird.

For some reason, she decided that she’d much rather be a Banshee at the end rather than change back into her more Elvish form. So rather than an unconscious body — we got this Banshee just staring ominously at us while we looted her giant treasure chest.

I really enjoyed this fight. It was super fun to tank since there was almost always something that I needed to be doing. I even liked the chains phase — I think it helped the fight to feel big and epic in a way that the Spine of Deathwing fight tried to be, but didn’t quite nail. I don’t doubt that there’s a parallel dimension where Blizzard split up the chains and final platform phase of Sylvanas into two distinct fights, and I think we would’ve been poorer for it.

We even recovered from my co-tank disconnecting in the middle of the final phase to clinch our victory. So I’m feeling like an extra invincible bear right now.

While I try and remember I am mortal, it’s time for — the Queue!

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