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Discussion > WoWNov 13, 2018 8:00 am CT

What’s your favorite WoW memory?

I have a few memories I treasure of my time playing World of Warcraft — proposing to my wife in Molten Core, getting Sulfuras, killing Yogg-0 for a Realm First and getting Mim’s Head — but my ultimate favorite memory is probably just spending nights hanging out around Captain Placeholder watching the sun rise while talking to my not-yet-wife because we were separated by distance, she up here in Edmonton and me down there in Seattle. The game was a way for us to spend time together when we couldn’t any other way, and I’ve never forgotten what it felt like to wander around the expansive world of Azeroth with her as my tour guide and occasionally the person who’d say I want to tame something and drag me off to Mulgore to find a pink Plainstrider or what have you.

Seriously, I ended up leveling my first shaman in BC just so I could cast Heroism on her in a swamp so she could tame a ghost wolf. She still has that ghost wolf, too.

Over the years I’ve accumulated memories of various stripes — the roar on teamspeak when we killed Nefarian, battering my head against Mythic Garrosh just before Warlords came out, the realization I could never raid at that level again as my eyes got steadily worse — and I’ve kept on playing through all of it. For me, World of Warcraft is sort of a perennial thing, it constantly refreshes and renews itself with new memories. Even this expansion has had a few, like raiding with my current guild and hearing (and telling) some truly heinous puns.

So now I ask you — what are your biggest memories of the game? What do you remember, what has lasted over the years since you first started playing however long it’s been? What’s your best or worst story, the wipe that stunned everyone, the boss kill that kicked over the table and got everyone screaming? Is there a place you love to go, a character you haven’t played in years but remember fondly? Share it, if you don’t mind.

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