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The QueueNov 28, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I don’t fall slow like I used to

Surprise! I’m back!

…Wait, you already knew? Oh, right. I told you I’d be here today.

Whatever, let’s Queue!


Okay, a question. Does anyone know what the mount is that looks like a giant hippo with Alliance armor and where to get it? I’ve seen a couple of them in Boralus and my darling gnomage would look spectacular on one.

I know I answered in the comments, but to bring more attention to this: That’s the Alliance PVP mount for the current Season of PVP. It can be earned by getting a boat-load of wins in the arena or RBGs while you’re at or above a 1,400 rating. If you fall below that, wins don’t count. It’s a lot of wins, and it will take a long time.

Eventually, it’ll be made available for purchase with the PVP saddles — but that won’t be until after BFA’s last PVP Season, and even then, you’ll need to earn the saddle via some form of rated PVP.


Q4tQ: Do you think Blizzard is adding too many Allied Races without adding a new class? I think the allied races are great, but at some point more casual players are going to be like “Wow, I really want to be a Vulpera, but do I really want a second or third Hunter?” And while the answer to that question is surely Yes, there are some people who may think No. Adding a class alleviates this – for a little while, anyway.

It’s not like Blizzard has broken pace with how often they release new classes or anything, and I don’t think they should speed that up by any means. Every expansion bringing a new class would be too much. As for Allied Races, I do kind of hope Blizz slows down on them after BFA ends. Really, I’d be cool if BFA were the “Allied Race showcase” and then every instance of them afterward were as it felt right.

That said, the bigger issue I have with Allied Races is needing to level them at all. If they started at the previous expansion’s max, I think I’d be a little more okay with the current speed staying the same.


Q4tQ: Do you think Blizzard deliberately had Gul’dan disintegrate Varian to ensure that in the future Sylvanas (or Mograine in the DK Class Hall Campaign) wouldn’t try to rez him?

If Blizz wanted to resurrect Varian, they’d come up with a way, regardless of how explode-y he was. “Go find his soul in the Shadowlands and put it in this other body!” etc. But overall yeah, I do think having him go out the way he did was deliberate in the sense that they wanted players to think, “Oh, wow, yeah… he’s not coming back from that.” It was about sending a message, if you will.


Subsequent Q4tQ: Sylvanas can only raise Forsaken using the Val’kyr, right? But we know she can also “rez” herself when sacrificing a Val’kyr, because she’s actually a banshee, not a zombie corpse. Do you think she could raise Varian’s soul as a banshee by sacrificing one of her Val’kyrs?

Honestly, Sylvanas’ ability to resurrect people, their ability (or lack thereof) to obey her, and all that stuff is confusing to me. Anne or Rossi would have a better answer off the top of their heads. So without drawing diagrams and cross-checking facts and all that fun stuff, I’ll just say this: It sounds plausible enough that if Blizzard wanted to do it, I think they would. But I really don’t think they want Varian coming back.


Q4TQ Mitch edition: So we’ve talked about it here and there, sometimes as a joke, sometimes more seriously but what is your honest opinion: Do you think Sylvanas will eventually become the Lich Queen? If so, how will it come to that point exactly?

Blizzard writers sure have gone out of their way to draw parallels between Sylvanas and Arthas lately, there must certainly be a reason other than simple irony.

The Arthas parallels and references are all over the game lately, but not just with Sylvanas — Anduin’s had his fair share as well (arguably more). But I get the sense that Blizz is doing that because they want to flip things on their heads, kind of like they are in AU Draenor with the Mag’har. That place is an inversion of what happened in our world, and with aspects of the past repeating themselves now, it would be interesting to see where and how they diverge.

I wouldn’t be happy with Sylvanas becoming the Lich Queen, because I think that puts her in a corner as a one-note bad guy. I’d rather she be resurrected and have to face the fact that she came very close to becoming what she hated for so long. Heck, maybe we even get a living version of her taking on Bolvar but winning this time. Whatever the case, I think there are a lot better directions for her character than Lich Queen, and I’d be sad to see that happen… mostly because it would mean she’d have to die at some point.


Q4tQ: Which WC3: Reforged Cinematic are you most looking forward to? I for one can’t wait for a proper Illidan vs Arthas cinematic.

Unfortunately, Blizzard has said they’re not redoing the other cinematics in the same way they redid the opening cinematic (the one they showed off at BlizzCon). They’ll be updating them using the new in-game models and such, but they won’t be given the proper pre-rendered treatment. And that’s a shame, frankly. Not only was their wording at BlizzCon confusing regarding this, it’s also just something that would be damn cool.


How much do you think a name actually creates a person? Are their personalities a result because of what they were named? When someone goes by a different nickname, or uses their middle name, is it because the name doesn’t fit their personality? I’ve always wondered if hearing a certain sound and associating it with yourself makes you form certain traits. I’ve noticed people tend to have friends with same or similar names to them, and certain name combinations will wind up being friends/couples.

Well as Mitch “Mitch” Mitchell, I can tell you I’ve taken to the nickname Mitch because I liked how it sounded better and it seemed to fit me more. Once upon a time, I went by Mitchell, but that eventually didn’t feel right either. And before that, it was sometimes “Michael M.” because we had more than one Michael in my classes.

However, that’s all one big anecdote. I think environment in general will shape a person, and environment includes several factors (nickname being one of them). What degree someone’s name actually affects them? Probably small, and definitely varying from person to person. But if you grow up being called “Blake ‘The Taco Champ’ Sporgen,” you’ll probably feel compelled to eat tacos and live up to your name. Or, potentially avoid tacos out of spite. Either way, it had an impact.

…All that said, this is one of those topics that Adam could dedicate a whole Queue on, or a college student could write a thesis on. I’m only giving it two paragraphs.


I’m wondering what to look forward to in 8.1, cause it seems kinda lackluster for someone who doesn’t raid.

This actually reminds me, we need to do a roundup…

But I’d say the biggest things to look forward to for a non-raider are the continuation of the War Campaign, the Night Warrior scenario for Alliance players/Saurfang story for Horde players, Heritage Armor storylines for Dwarves and Blood Elves, and the new Darkshore Warfront. There are probably a lot of other things I’m forgetting, but those are the big ones that stand out to me.

That’s all from me! Tomorrow is not a Mitch Queue, so soak this one in while you can. Toodles!

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