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The QueueDec 6, 2018 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: You were eaten by a Grue

Don’t fear floors made of lava, fear Grues.


Q4TQueuvians: If you wanted to get a small gift to 7-8 different people (cheap and at a 24 hours notice), what would you go for?

If they are WoW players you can go into the store and gift in-game pets to them. It’s a really nice way to do something for folks, is relatively inexpensive, and is quick. I’ve done this a few times and have received really nice feedback from people. Or they were just being nice to my face and all “that’s lame as hell, Holisky,” which is certainly a possibility.

I have two other go-to things: a bag, candy, and stuff from a local trinket shop. I’ve put in notebooks, pens, sketching stuff, desk toys, books, etc… for those I really care about I’ll probably get them some really good chocolate and a nice bottle of dark, red wine (or brandy).


So, a couple questions, but a little background. I just managed to get my first alt (meaning my second toon, period) to level 120. My main,I managed to get geared up fairly easily, and since I don’t raid (even LFR), I never ran into any iLevel gating.

But my second toon just dinged 120 wearing quest greens, and iLevel 280-290 Azerite armor. Her overall iLvl was just 278. I had some surplus cash, so I bought several pieces of gear, none higher than 310, and her iLvl is now 301. Now the questions:

1. Figuring I’d get a gear cache from the Arathi warfront, I picked up the quest and tried to queue, and ran into the 320 requirement. Has there always been that level requirement for warfronts?

2. I was looking around for WQs that might yield some gear, but there were just 5 WQs across *all* zones that had gear as a reward. All of the rest award only Resources, AP, or gold. I don’t recall the gear awards being so rare. Is that new, or am I just looking at an unlucky run of quests?

Great questions!

In the beginning the warfronts were not item level restricted, but a few days after it was released Blizzard hotfixed a 320 requirement in. It was a good move too, in my opinion. If they didn’t do that the only path people would take to gear up would be warfronts. Now … some may argue that’s still the case. And it’s true that you’ll get more gear once you hit 320 and start running it (over and over and over and over), but there are other options too.

The number of world quests that you’re seeing is right. It varies between five to ten in my experience. I think the biggest thing is that you just do them every day, and even a small incremental increase can lead to that ilevel creeping up after a bit. The emissary quests which reward Azerite armor are also a must do.

Don’t discount the rep rewards as well. At honored you have access to cloaks. At reveared, you have access to other gear. When the expansion launched that was my main source as I clobbered enough together to hit the necessary levels.

And as others have mentioned, you can do the Arathi quests when your faction controls the area. They go fast and you’ll get some goods from ’em.


So I have two WoW accounts. Or licenses. Basically, I bought WoW twice. But it’s tied to the same email address. How much stuff is shared across the two? Is everything that’s “account wide” shared across both, or are they treated as two completely separate games?

The last time that I checked they’re linked — the “bound to account” means bound to your battle.net account, which all those licenses will be under.

I’ve often thought of just starting over for fun. Complete new account, completely new character, nothing else to go on or rely on but my fledging toon. Even just typing this out it sounds attractive to me again. Once upon a time when WoW was young and a new server would open up, you’d get people flocking to it making alts and using classes that they haven’t used before. That was before there was a hint of account bound things. When I made an Orc Shaman (because remember that the class was unavailable to Alliance), that Shaman started with absolutely nothing.

Now characters have hundreds of mounts, immediate access to gold (more or less), and tons of heirlooms. There’s something existential missing in the leveling experience that was. Of course maybe I’m just pining for the old days when I was younger. Classic WoW won’t solve this for me either, I don’t want to go back to those systems. But so it goes. Maybe one day I’ll have to do just this.


Q4tQ: When WoW shuts down will I still be doing KT WQs trying to get Khadgar’s Head?

You mean you didn’t get it in the first month?



Q4tQ: is Spencer Morgan wrong about there being no questions answered tomorrow?

What, you all don’t like me now?

Or is it that Mitch is just The Queue.

Come to think of it, the two are not really mutually exclusive.

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