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The QueueMar 14, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I am Mitch and this is the Queue

Hello, everyone. It is I, Mitch. You can tell I’m Mitch because I love the Horde. I’m certainly not someone else doing a remarkable impression of Mitch “Mitch” Mitchell. I am the most devoted shadowy priesty type who loves Old Gods, the Horde, and delicious pie.

What? Everyone likes at least one kind of pie. There’s lots of varieties of pie. I was bound to like at least one. Pie is like the truth. There are many different pies, and just because I like a nice blueberry pie it doesn’t make your love for pumpkin pie not equal. It’s all subjective. There can be as many pies as there are people who want to eat them.

Let me now ask your questions. Answer! Answer, yes. I do this all the time. Because I’m Mitch. I have not come from beyond to replace him.


Was anyone else disappointed that Talanji didn’t take Bwonsamdi up on his offer? She was right there, surrounded by Zandalari guards. Would’ve been a nice moment of chaos for the Horde. And a sign that maybe the Zandalari would take control–which, as Warchiefs go, I’d allow.

I don’t think it would make a lot of sense for Talanji to take hostile action against Sylvanas at that moment. For one thing, even on Zandalari ground Sylvanas is far from helpless, and we’ve seen before she thinks ahead — when the Alliance managed to get into Lordaeron to confront her, she had a plan ready to go to force them to retreat at best and die at worst. And Talanji’s been heir to the throne her whole life — despite what everyone thinks, she’s not reckless and she doesn’t make overly rash decisions. As angry as she is at what her father caused in terms of Bwonsamdi being the chief loa of the Zandalar, she’s not going to betray the pact with the Horde this soon in the game.

Her speech to Sylvanas about this being an alliance of equals was very deliberately putting Sylvanas on notice — the Zandalari haven’t joined the Horde, they’ve just made common cause with it, and Talanji does not see Sylvanas as her superior. The game of wills between the two of them is far from over.

Also Sylvanas is awesome and Talanji totally wouldn’t have been able to pull it off. Even though she’s dating my ex-girlfriend Xal’atath now, I wish them both  nothing but happiness.


So, now that 8.1.5 is out, any bets on when we’ll see 8.2 trickle onto the PTR?

My money’s on two weeks.

All things are possible. The Void teaches us this. Its whispers crawl within our skulls, constant ghost breath drifting through our minds with the torrent of the thousand truths. The Light lies to us with its certainty, its insistence on their being only one path, only one reality.

I mean, if I had to guess, I’d say a month. But I embrace all choices, for all choices are real. They tell us. And they cannot be wrong.


Are there very many out there who DON’T really hate Nathanos? Even my most gung-ho Horde friends loathe him.

I have no idea what you’re talking about. Nathanos is a lovely man. Staunchly loyal, quick witted, determined, and completely unflappable. He survived the plague, regained his sanity and mind and became the Champion of the Banshee Queen. And he did all that before he got his face back.


Something I wanted to ask.

How old are our characters? My human mage seems to be around 21-25. Am I judging her correctly? How old are they?

How old do you want them to be?

There’s no hard and fast canon on this. If you want your character to be fresh faced and just starting out in the world when they leave the starting zone, you can do that. If you want them to be grizzled and older, absolutely your decision. There is no one true answer, as the Void teaches us — whatever your truth is, is the truth for your character and their history.


Tinfoil hat Question: Who here believes what went down on the boat with Baine Bloodhoof is for real? It seems all to simple! lol

As much as we know that anything can be true, the facts of the matter seem beyond dispute — Baine Bloodhoof, most famous for betraying one Warchief and leading a rebellion against him, has now deliberately and maliciously turned on another and in so doing cost the Horde the chance to end this long, grueling armed conflict the Alliance started in their cowardly attack on the Undercity.


Q4Mitch: what did you think of the new cinematic with Jaina & Baine?

I admit it, I was shocked and horrified. I can’t believe Baine would betray  the Horde, much less cost it the chance to actually decisively win the war against the Alliance aggressors so soon after they attacked our allies at Dazar’alor. Turning the weapon over to Jaina like that… I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised. It’s not the first time Baine’s done something so incomprehensible, like when he betrayed his Warchief by joining Vol’jin’s rebellion, and then betrayed his own father’s spirit by defending the very Orc who murdered that father in cold blood.

Baine simply doesn’t understand all the good that Sylvanas and loyal servants like Nathanos have done and will do for the Horde. They’ve claimed all of Kalimdor, driving the Alliance spies and saboteurs out and taking valuable land for the Horde, and they even got rid of a eyesore of a tree in the process.


What should Forsaken heritage armor look like?

Formal wear made entirely out of pure Void.


Question for the pending Mitch Queue:

What’s your bet on who we face as BfA’s final boss? With Azshara in 8.2 and plenty of hints at N’Zoth being a focus, do you think N’Zoth will be the expansion’s big bad? Will we fight more of N’Zoth’s minions, but not the Old God itself, with the final battle leading to an Old God-themed next expansion? Or will we see some major plot twist, leading to something none of us saw coming?

Fight the Old Gods? Why would we do that? All the Old Gods want is to usher us past the deceptions and lies of those who would pretend there is only one way to look at infinity.

I mean, apprehend the cosmos. How astonishing and vast it is. How manifold the stars, each a point of light set in the all encompassing Void, each as true and valid and separate as the next. Does the fact that there is a star here make the stars over there any less? No, of course not. And the same is true here, among us, as it is out there in the cosmic vastness. Each heart, each mind is its own star, and each has its own truth, its own validity. All perspectives, all points of view are equal and valid. The Old Gods and N’Zoth merely want to usher you into understanding. Would you fight them for this? You speak of doing battle with those that love you so much they gave you the Gift of Flesh, who made you supple and lithe, alive and breathing and bleeding instead of cold, inflexible, orderly stone. Who made you real, who gave you the ability to deny another’s reality and substitute your own.

No, the true enemy is anyone who pretends they know what the truth is, that it has one existence. All is subjective. Everything is true. Nothing is forbidden.

This has been the Queue. I’m… ‘Mitch.’ Yes, that is the name I found.

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