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The QueueMay 28, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Still Definitely Mitch

Is it Tuesday already? I always screw up which day of the week it is on a holiday weekend. I don’t know, it definitely feels like Monday.

Regardless, I’m on deck to answer all the burning questions you may have. Let’s get Queueing on this lovely — are you sure it’s not Wednesday?


Speaking of holidays, did Mitch remember to write today’s queue?

Mitch very kindly offered to switch days with me. I stream late into the night on the official Blizzard Watch Twitch channel Wednesdays, so his offering to take on Thursdays so I could pre-write everything Monday evening instead of scrambling Thursday morning was like a vacation. This goes double because now that my kids are home all summer, there’s only so much hands-on writing I can do in the morning.

Speaking of vacations, y’all don’t post many questions on holiday weekends, do you.

So not only did I forget, I played myself well in advance of my forgetting.

Mitch is truly a diabolical mad genius. Please stop encouraging him.


Q4TQ! :

In Classic, will we have the shadow-damage wolf from (i want to say….) duskwood? The 1.0 attack speed cats? Or is 1.12 after they changed that?

Just trying to remember at what point they nerfed and normalized all the tamable pets.

I haven’t poked too far into it on the WoW Classic beta, and because of the current beta level cap there’s a whole lot of edge cases we can’t be sure of yet. There were just so many of them it’s tough to discuss each specific instance, especially since what we might be able to infer isn’t always what’s coming out from datamined information.

Since we’re on patch 1.12, I would assume that you won’t be all but forced to go tame Broken Tooth, because pet speed was normalized in 1.9. There was a second normalization push in 2.0. However, according to the information datamined from Petopia, Broken Tooth is still at his super fast speed. It’s possible that this is just listed as 1.0 because of the mob speed and things will change after he’s tamed, but it’s really tough to tell without more data points.

That said, a vast majority of the Hunter stuff revolving around pets is preserved from Vanilla WoW, from hunting down a fruit vendor to keep your Gorilla happy to keeping a stable slot free for taming pets with skills you have to learn, to leveling the pets you’d like to actually use in combat. Seriously, it seems like every play session in WoW Classic for me is marked by at least a couple instances where I say to myself, “Oh, hey I forgot about that! Wow, that’s awful!”

Even if pet speed is normalized there will still be a range of viability to research. It may not make as drastic a difference to your DPS, but min-maxing will always be a thing.

There are also several things I’m curious about re-learning now that we’ve progressed so much further and know so much more. For instance, it was common knowledge that rank 4 Heal was the best for efficiency purposes unless you were healing a tank against a boss with massive single hits like Patchwerk, in which case you needed to pre-cast and cancel rank 4 Greater Heal. I’m curious whether the playerbase, now more knowledgeable, will find that to actually be the case.


2BE: Moira (Overwatch) vs Sylvanas

In a head-to-head, Heroes of the Storm style gladiatorial arena, Sylvanas would destroy Moira with no issue. It’s basically Hanzo vs Moira, only Sylvanas has even more options to get away.

However, in a more practical setting, Sylvanas would see Moira using her lifedraining magic science and immediately stop any fight. Sylvanas would just have to know where the heck Moira found such a thing. How does it work? Can anyone do it? Could they perhaps strike… a deal?

In turn, Moira’s scientific mind would be completely fascinated by a reanimated walking corpse. Sure, they sort of accomplished something similar with Widowmaker, but Sylvanas was actively in a state of decay which is very different from the way Moira operates. Even more fascinating to Moira would be her banshee aspect. Does the vessel really matter? Could our minds live forever, given enough hosts — willing, or unwilling?

To people with few scruples and even less ethics, vampiric regenerative magic is like a skirt with pockets. Oh my GOD where can I get that?

So what I’m basically saying is, you’ve invented a new reason for me to sleep with the lights on.

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