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WoW ClassicAug 29, 2019 10:00 am CT

How to get to the Deadmines, Scarlet Monastery, and other WoW Classic dungeons in the level 13-45 range

One staple of WoW Classic is the multitude of dungeons you’ll want to run as you level. But they’re not always easy to locate. Below is a list of dungeons, their level, the easiest way to get to them, and a few notes where applicable. Because this is by level, it will skip between Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor.

Dungeons in the level 13-30 range

The absolute lowest level dungeon is the hardest for Alliance to get to — Ragefire Chasm (levels 13-18) — in the bottom of Orgrimmar. Horde, just run down into the Cleft of Shadows. It’s right there. Alliance, you’ll need to run from either Forest Song or Ratchet. Beyond seeing it, there are no quests for Alliance which send you there.

Next is Wailing Caverns (levels 15-25) in the middle of The Barrens, Kalimdor. Horde, head southwest from Crossroads. Alliance, run west from Ratchet, avoiding The Crossroads. You’ll encounter Kolkar at the oasis around the entrance. There is a vendor above the entrance. Both factions have quests here.

The Deadmines (levels 18-23) has only Alliance quests. The Paladin charger quest also comes through here. Alliance, run southwest from Sentinel Hill to Moonbrook. Horde, you’ll need to go to Grom’gol and run north through Stranglethorn Vale into Duskwood. Turn left and follow the road west through Duskwood toward Westfall and Moonbrook. The town is hostile to everyone.

Shadowfang Keep (levels 22-30) is in Silverpine Forest. Only Horde have quests, but so do Warlocks and Paladins. Horde, run south from Undercity and take the next right after The Seplucher. Alliance, you’ll have to run from Southshore west into Silverpine. You can see the keep on the hillside as the road turns north toward Undercity. Take the first left. Stay to the right fork or you’re in Pyrewood Village.

wow gnomeregan

Blackfathom Deeps (levels 20-30) in Ashenvale has Alliance, Horde, Warlock, and Paladin quests, so you may find yourself in here a lot. This dungeon is on the far west end of the zone. Horde have it easy in that they just run north along the beach from Zoram’gar Outpost. Alliance, you’ll need to run from Astranaar to Maestra’s Post and turn west toward the beach. The actual entrance is in the ruins and you’ll need to swim down to get to it.

The Stockade (levels 22-30) in the heart of Stormwind is Alliance’s Ragefire equivalent. Horde, you will need to run from either Grom’gol in Stranglethorn or Stonard in Swamp of Sorrows or from Flame Crest in Burning Steppes. The dungeon is at the upper right of the Mage Quarter in the center of the city. If you head toward the clock tower, you should see the dungeon stone.

The last one in this section is Gnomeregan in Dun Morogh (levels 24-34). Both factions have quests in Gnomer, and it becomes one of your frequently visited places. Alliance, run west from Kharanos over the frozen lake. Horde, because this dungeon is important, there will be a quest to find Scooty in Booty Bay. He calibrates a transponder which allows you to teleport to Gnomer.

Dungeons in the level 30-45 range

Once you hit these levels, faction-specific dungeons don’t exist. Quests can be different, but both sides use the dungeons.

Razorfen Kraul (levels 30-40) is easily confused with Razorfen Downs (Levels 40-50) which is right across the road from it. Both are at the south end of of The Barrens. Right before The Great Lift, there will be quillboars on both sides of the road. RFK is to your right and RFD is to your left. RFD is a bit of a run through quillboars while RFK is simply running past a few to the entrance. Horde can run down The Gold Road from Crossroads. Alliance will have to run through Dustwallow Marsh and turn left to follow The Gold Road south.

Scarlet Monastery in Tirisfal Glades (levels 26-45) is another you’ll find yourself spending a lot of time in. You have to do the Library first, which gets you the key to get into the other wings. Horde, run north from Brill up the hill to the Monastery. Alliance, you’ll need to run cross-country from Chillwind Point in Western Plaguelands. Head west and then south through The Bulwark. Then take a right and run cross-country up into the hills past the spiders. You’ll come out on the road leading to the Monastery. You should see it to the right.

Uldaman in Badlands (levels 35-45) is another winding dungeon. To get there, Horde run east from Kargath and turn north toward Loch Modan. It’s on your left right before that zone. Alliance, run south from Thelsamar in Loch Modan into Badlands. It’s on the right as soon as you cross into the zone.

At this point, you can see level 60. Coming up, a list of the last dungeons where you’ll spend most of your remaining time.

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