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DiscussionAug 29, 2019 8:00 am CT

What part(s) of WoW Classic would you like to see brought into modern WoW?

If you couldn’t tell by the massive queues and plethora of social media chatter, WoW Classic is all the rage right now. But you know what WoW Classic isn’t? Modern WoW. It’s not BFA. It’s not the game with Mythic+ dungeons. It’s not the game with 12 separate classes. It’s the game where Horde and Alliance have a faction-specific class, dungeons take hours, and you need to stop to eat/drink after one or two pulls. By all accounts, it’s a tougher game with worse balance and a design philosophy centered around things taking a long time.

Despite this, people still are loving it. Not everyone, of course — but enough people that it’s hard not to wonder if it’s more than just nostalgia keeping people interested. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that the hype will die down and the true test of people’s interest levels will be a few months down the line when the leveling grind has worn off. All the same, there are fundamental changes to the game that won’t change in a few months, and these are changes people like.

For instance, I’ve heard sentiment that not having achievements has actually made the game less stressful. And, of course, there’s the never-really-went-away argument that the old talent trees are better than what we have in the modern version of the game. These are just a few aspects of WoW Classic that people are glomming onto, though — there are plenty more. But would they make modern WoW better, or are these all things that should be kept separate?

Where I’m concerned, I think that modern WoW has too many self-heals. I like when melee classes had to eat to heal, and making the choice to play a hybrid felt more impactful in survivability. I also miss group quests actually requiring a group. Mind you, this is something that stuck around a while after vanilla WoW ended, but still. I’ve had to group a lot more often to level in Classic, and it’s felt nice. But that’s just me. What do you think modern WoW could take from Classic? Should it take anything from Classic? Sound off below!

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