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The QueueNov 8, 2019 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: I am not in California

BlizzCon 2019 was last week. This week, I’m in Edmonton, which is a balmy 2 degrees Celsius today. That’s 35 degrees F, which is slightly above freezing. It was a lot colder yesterday. I like to think it’s the weather taking a little bit of pity on me tonight. Soon, it will be back to -19c and everything with be as cold as Icecrown.

Let’s do that Queue, shall we? We shall.


Am I misremembering or did they say BfA was going to put to rest the faction conflict once and for all? And if they did say it, did it live up to that? Are the Horde and Alliance done fighting? Not going to be friends, but, at the point where we’ll just leave each other alone cause it’s not worth it any more.

I think, following N’Zoth and going into Shadowlands, we’re going to enter a period where the conflict doesn’t come up — where both Horde and Alliance simply have too much else to do to deal with the other faction, and the tentative peace reached after Saurfang’s death will hold for a while.

I doubt the Night Elves and Worgen are ever going to be supporters of anything more than an armistice — the Horde burned down the city they were living on and killed thousands of noncombatants, after waging an invasion to get themselves in position to do so. That’s not something you just forgive.

At present N’Zoth is the big enemy and after that Sylvanas’ machinations will likely be on the front burner for a while. I think both the Horde and Alliance are simply exhausted — the conflict between them has cost so many lives and weakened both factions. The Horde lost both Warfronts (it’s official as of the Lore panel at BlizzCon, the Alliance won in Stromgarde and in Darkshore) and the Alliance saw thousands die when Darnassus burned.

With N’Zoth about to run rampant and then the barrier between life and death shattered, territorial squabbles will likely simply have to wait. So I’d say yes, for now at least, the faction conflict has been dealt with.


Q4tQ: what are the odds that Anduin dresses in all black, and plays sad music on a piano; during the anniversary of his mom’s death?

It’s not very likely. Here’s the thing — Anduin barely knew Tiffin, and he’s said as much. His image of his mother comes from his father talking about her. Her life and death are things he’s aware of, but he doesn’t have a ‘before’ to contrast them with. This doesn’t mean he’s cold or unfeeling. It simply means he can’t really miss someone who was dead before he was old enough to form memories of her.


I wonder, considering that until 9.0 hits DKs will still start at Lv55, and 8.3 will give us Allied Race DKs if you pre-order Shadowlands, assuming those DKs ALSO start at Lv55, would that not be the most efficient way to get Allied Race Heritage armor? Assuming you don’t want to wait for 9.0 and level them in the new leveling format?

If those Allied Race DK’s count for Heritage Armor? Then yes.

We have no idea if that’s going to be the case or not, but if it is? Absolutely.


Q4tQ: When you were playing Shadowlands as a Fury Warrior, did you see the possibility of Single-Minded Fury making a return, or was Titan’s Grip still the default?

Titan’s Grip appeared to still be the default — I saw no signs of Single-Minded Fury (or Gladiator Stance for you hopeful Prots) making a return.


They should just take a page from D4 Barbarians, IMO.

And apply it not only to Fury, but to every melee spec that used to be able to use multiple weapon types.

No, they should not.

The idea of Warriors getting the Arsenal mechanic from Diablo 4 isn’t a bad one. The idea of Rogues, Paladins, DK’s, Shaman and who knows who else also getting it? A horrible, horrible idea. Warriors are already diluted enough without just handing any cool new flavor ability they get to everybody else. DK’s can dual wield single handed weapons or wield 2h weapons right now. Paladins use the same weapons they have for literally forever. Shaman still can use 2h maces, they just end up not doing so because weapon and shield works better for healing or Elemental spec and DW works better for Enchancement. And Rogues have problems, but the Arsenal mechanic wouldn’t fix those problems, letting them backstab with non-daggers would.

Just once… just once, let Warriors have something cool. The last time Warriors got something that wasn’t immediately parceled out to other classes, it was Wrath and we got Titan’s Grip. You’ve taken Execute. If we get something cool, leave it alone.


Special Q4tRossiQ: What does, exactly, Inarius saw in Lilith that made he fell in love with her? Which were his intentions in creating the Sanctuary? Did Lilith betrayed him because of the Nephalem or it was he that finally could see her true intentions, that were formerly clouded by his love to her?

If you read the various books left behind by Inarius while going through Pandemonium during Reaper of Souls, it becomes apparent that Inarius was just mentally destroyed by the Eternal Conflict, to the point where he’d thrown himself into battles hoping to be destroyed so that his essence would recollect into a new Angel and he wouldn’t remember anything of his life. When he encountered Lilith, he ranted and raved about how stupid and pointless the War was, expecting her to kill him (he’d been captured) and was astonished when she instead freed him.

Meeting a Demon that agreed with him changed him. Finding there were other Demons who also wanted an end to the Eternal Conflict shattered his worldview forever. I don’t think Lilith strictly speaking betrayed Inarius, so much as they are inherently different beings with different ways of viewing the world Lilith says as much in her own book from Diablo 3.

Inarius and I stole the Worldstone, and now we have a group of renegades to follow us. I have created a new world where we can live in peace. A place of infinite possibilities. Inarius believes that escape is enough. In time, I will show him that even victory is possible. But first, I will give him children.

She didn’t intend to abandon or betray Inarius, she hoped he would follow her as she won the Eternal Conflict, destroyed her own father and the other Prime Evils, and ruled all existence with the help of their Nephalem offspring. Inarius was still an Angel, still a being of Light and Order, and Lilith was still a Demon, still a child of darkness and chaos. Inarius wanted to escape. Lilith saw the only path to escape was through victory, total and complete victory over both sides.

It was less a betrayal and more a fundamental disconnect between them.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. Thanks to everyone for dropping in, and I’ll see y’all next week.

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