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WoWFeb 25, 2020 4:00 pm CT

It’s about to get a lot easier to grind Horrific Visions and upgrade your Legendary Cloak

If you’ve felt frustrated at the pace of your Horrific Vision progress and want to be able to gather more Vessels and get your cloak upgraded faster, you’ll probably like the hotfixes Blizzard has in store for you. A host of changes will make it easier to get more Vessels of Horrific Visions, including removing the Unique (5) cap from Vessels so that you can have as many on you as you want. They still don’t stack, however, so if you’re going to hoard them, keep that in mind — you could easily end up with a bag or two just full of these things. If you’ve been running five Visions a week and wanted more, now you can, especially since there are more Coalescing Visions out there for you to farm up too.

For example, when trying to get Coalescing Visions, you gain 50% more of them from Visions of N’Zoth Daily Quests, and the Minor Assaults will now reward 6500 Coalescing Visions. Furthermore, in addition to a Vessel, the Major Assault for the week will award 2500 Coalescing Visions on top of the Horrific Vision you get for completing it. There have also been adjustments to higher ranks as you’re leveling up the Cloak.

  • To gain Rank thirteen, the Quest now requires four Torn Pages, down from six.
  • To gain Rank fourteen, the Quest now requires six Torn Pages, down from 12.
  • To gain Rank fifteen, the Quest now requires eight Torn Pages, down from 18.

Combined with the change to how many Torn Pages you can get on the rank seven to eleven upgrades, four total for clearing objectives in the Horrific Vision. These are specifically the “Fear and Flesh” pages, the amount of pages for higher ranks will not be going up, but since the amount of pages needed for those ranks goes down, it should overall make the process of leveling from seven to fifteen much easier. Plus, if you collect Vessels but miss a week’s Visions or don’t do as many as you could, you won’t be capped out and forced to only do five Visions that next week — you’ll be able to collect more Vessels and do Visions to catch up.

This is a change a lot of people have been asking for since the beginning. I’m sure it’ll make progressing cloaks for people trying to push harder content or just wear more Corrupted gear much smoother and less hair-tearing, and I’m all for that. Plus it means I can keep collecting Vessels and then spend a weekend just bingeing on Visions, which is something I’ve wanted to do since they started. Head over to the forums and read CM Kaivax’s post for yourselves.

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