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The QueueJun 4, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: A long road ahead

I don’t really have a good intro this week. But I am grateful that you guys have been supportive of the site and of each other these past few days. We’re living in crazy times — supporting each other goes a long way.

Anyhow, let’s Queue.


Q4tQ If you had a class where the professor wanted you to seize the day, what would you do in order to earn an A?

I’d ignore my phone as much as possible, travel somewhere I’ve always wanted to travel to, and just go where the adventure took me. No real agenda, no worrying about what I’m spending — just living it up somewhere that makes me happy.


Q4tQ: Why is it that when I sacrifice souls for the Void Gods I’m labeled as a crazy cultist, but when when the Night Fae funnel souls to rebirth their Wild Gods it is described as just part of nature’s cycle?

I know you meant this as a joke, but it does bring up a solid point about perspective in WoW. Blizzard toyed with this with Xe’ra and Yrel (post-WOD), but we’ve never really gone all in on what exactly makes fanaticism in the Light all that different from the same thing in the Void.

I haven’t played through Ardenweald yet, but there’s a moment in Bastion when I started to question whether or not I was on the right side. I don’t think that’s actually what’s happening in Ardenweald, but I’d love to see Blizzard surprise me.

Of course, I’m answering in very broad strokes here. I realize there’s not a lot of room to say, “Maybe if you just understood…” when it comes to sacrificing unwilling souls, even if it is for The Greater Good™.


Q4TQ: What is more annoying to hear when logging on: “Protecting Zuldazar is our top priority” or “Something has spooked one of the brutasaurs sending it into a panic!”?

The first one, if only because I have literally no way to just not accept the quest that auto-pops up. I always end up taking it then immediately abandoning it. Just let me say no, Blizz.


How do you prefer rare drops to work?

– Very small chance to drop (1%), but I can try every week (e.g., Invincible)
– Very small chance to drop (1%), but I can farm a rare whenever it’s up, even multiple times a week (e.g., Rustfeather)
– Small chance to drop (~10%), but I can only try every few months, when a specific world boss that drops it is up (e.g., Mollie)
– None of the above, I dislike all of those and would rather see a different system

It’s situational. If something is part of the game 100% of the time, then I’m okay with a situation like Invincible. But if something’s part of a holiday, I think I almost preferred when you could just farm over and over and over. I kind of hate feeling like I’m missing out on a limited-time mount drop just because I’m not the type of player who plays alts a ton. Sure, alts help a lot with something like Invincible, but there’s no calendar constraint — I could level a bunch of alts one day and decide to run ICC over and over if I wanted, stop for a few months, then pick that all up again.

I definitely don’t like something like a 10% chance that only exists every few weeks/months, though. That just ends up feeling disheartening.

Contrary to everything I’ve just said, I think the game as a whole benefits from having a variety of ways that mounts can drop. I may not prefer a lot of those ways, but I think it would be worse for the game’s health if everything dropped in the same manner.


Q4tQ : I just got to the bottom of the Titan research tree by slecting the group side, and the Destabilization side.
As it turns out, I mostly run solo or with a single friend, so now should I focus on buying the solo skills or the stacking haste buff skills?

In my experience, more masks will mean you fill this tree out faster than you expect pretty soon. If you’ve already hit the bottom, I’d recommend going for the solo skills now, since you can run solo whenever you want, but you can’t always run with a friend whenever you want.


Greetings, fellow Queuemans! It is good to be back around the best people in the Warcraft world. Yes, that means you.
Question for the Queue: When is World of Warcraft Chronicle: Volume IV due to come out? Volume III ended with the Cataclysm, and we have had sufficient developments on Azeroth (and elsewhere) since then to warrant a new volume. Heck, we’ve had “The Fourth War”, so that alone is good for half a volume in itself.

What say you?

/salute all


I don’t think we’re due for one anytime soon. The Chronicle books were largely a way to explain things up to the modern WoW experience. Everything after Volume III is basically in-game, no? (I genuinely don’t remember for sure, so correct me if I’m wrong there.)

That said, at a BlizzCon panel, it was said that Chronicle was written “from the Titans’ perspective.” This was largely a way to excuse anything that might appear to be a contradiction or retcon with Shadowlands coming up, BUT it does open the way for a Chronicle describing events in the Shadowlands. However, I think we’d need to know a lot more about them (like, a couple expansions’ worth) before Blizz would consider doing anything that covers the history of the realm.

That’s all for today! Again, we were a bit short on questions, so the Queue itself ended up a bit shorter. I’ll see you all next week! (…and also in the comments.)

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