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The QueueSep 21, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Mitchin’ Monday

Well, well, well. If it isn’t Monday. When’s the last time I was here? No, seriously. When’s the last time I wrote a Monday Queue? I have no actual idea.

Anyhow, let’s Queue: Monday Edition!


my third question in the queue ever! I want it known I have no bard in this horse race. Horde race? No horse in this bard space? You know what they say, a bard in the hand is worth a kick in the tush? something like that.

Hmmm… I thought this was a question. But now I’d feel bad removing it from The Queue. So, uhh…

Whoa! Dishoap! What a person! I dedicate this space to Dishoap the Great! Three cheers for Dishoap!


wait, that was Garrosh? i thought it was just some random orc. does that mean the troll was somebody (lore) important, too?

It was indeed! In fact, I believe it’s actually been confirmed by a dev that that’s Garrosh (though I’m having trouble finding where that confirmation happened). As for the Troll… I’ve kind of been wondering that, too. I don’t think we have an official answer there.

My guess is that it’s just a random Troll to show that anyone — even those who worship Loa or some other gods — can theoretically go to Revendreth. I’ve leveled through Revendreth and don’t remember anything about a specific Troll there, so unless it’s part of De Other Side dungeon or an upcoming story, I really do think it’s just a random Troll.


So, in the vein of the Babylon 5 question, button zip or zip button…

When doing the Turtle Jerks quest: Seagull then crab, or crab then seagull?

To be honest, I almost never do these quests because — despite my character’s evil questionable intentions — I don’t actually like seeing any of those turtles hurt. It’s too nerve-wracking knowing that accepting that World Quest might mean I fail and get one killed.

That said, crabs first. They seem to spawn closer to the turtles and generally are just more dangerous, imo.


Q4tQ: what do you think about using Shadowlands covenant rewards (mounts, pets, transmog) when you’re not in that covenant? I saw some discussion on Wowhead about how a mount reward is marked as account bound, but I don’t know if mounts or battle pets will be restricted to being used by characters in that covenant only.

I’m fine with transmog restrictions based on covenant, but I don’t know if mounts and pets should be included in that. And I definitely think all restrictions on this stuff should be dropped for the next expansion.

I’m of two minds on this. The first is that I actually do think if we’re going for the whole “I’m a Maldraxxi Shadow Priest” thing where a Covenant is part of our identity, we shouldn’t be able to use other Covenant cosmetics. It would feel odd having that guiding mantra in place only to allow someone to transmog to a spooky undead soldier while riding a pretty Fae mount.

However, I also don’t really feel strongly enough to really care all that much here. If Blizz were to say you could use cross-Covenants mounts and pets, I’d be fine with it. I like the idea of having Covenants be a part of your identity — to the extent where I kind of agree with not pulling the ripcord — but not enough that I’ll make a fuss over cosmetics.

And yes, even if they do restrict this sort of thing in Shadowlands, it should be lifted in 10.0.


Priest mains, how is fade supposed to work, because it never seems to do anything for me?

So, you may be running into an issue I’ve had complaints about for a long time now: If you’re in War Mode and you select Greater Fade (the one where you avoid attacks when you use Fade), you can actually cancel your normal Fade effect just by attacking.

Basically, normal Fade is supposed to drop all aggro for a few seconds when you use it. This part should be working. But with Greater Fade, the “avoid attacks” effect only lasts until you attack or use an ability. However, because Greater Fade and regular Fade aren’t given separate buffs, casting spells removes the normal Fade effect — something that doesn’t happen if you’re not specced into Greater Fade.

If War Mode and Greater Fade aren’t the sources of your issues, then I’m not entirely sure. The only times I’ve had Fade not “work” in PVE content is on enemies without an aggro table. Anything else should completely avoid you for Fade’s duration.


Are shadowfiends formed from the Void or are they from the Shadowlands? And if it’s the former, shouldn’t they be called “Voidfiends?”

They’re from the Void. So, inasmuch as Shadow Priests should be called Void Priests, yes, they should technically probably be called something else. But Shadow and Void are more or less being used interchangeably at this point, so it’s one of those things you just shouldn’t think about too much.


Q4tQ: Let’s say, hypothetically, that Blizzard announces the pre-patch on Monday and it’s coming on Tuesday.
Would you be upset about the short notice?

Personally, I’d be perplexed at the choice but not upset. I don’t really have any last-minute goals to complete before the pre-patch, to the point that I’m barely playing anymore because I just don’t have much I want to do. Now, I’m sure plenty of others would be upset, and I wouldn’t blame them. Blizz is usually pretty good about giving notice before patches, so the sudden change would feel a bit unfair.

That’s all for today! I’ll probably be back Thursday unless I’m not. For now, I think Cory’s supposed to do an earworm thing or something, right? So uhh… fill all of your comments with the most catchy songs ever! (Please and thank you! <3)

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