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The QueueOct 2, 2020 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Existential breakdown o’clock

This month sure has been a year, hasn’t it? Well, let’s give up on existential breakdowns for just long enough to answer some Queue questions, shall we?


Today has been another day of work being stupid busy, not because of actual tasks to do, but because of bad decisions made by inexperienced co-workers that I had to clean up after. Can I please get Mind Control IRL so I can give them a task and know it will be done right?

I think there’s a flaw in your plan here. If you had mind control and told someone to do something, they could still do it badly. To get it done to your standards, you’re going to need to guide them through doing it right.

I do like the way you think, but I suspect it’s harder than that, which is a real shame. Life is full of hard work, even if we did have magic.


Q4tQ: Do you plan on leveling new toons through all the different Chromie Time options? Or are you satisfied with your previous experiences with the content so you’re not interested in seeing what impact the squish had on them?

I really love the new leveling system. I think it’s a fantastic idea and a much smoother way to handle 15 years of game content.



The problem for me, who has been playing for 15 years, is that I have played all of this. I have played all of this so many times. I have played through every race and class and spec combination that I have any interest in, and several I haven’t. I really just don’t have a reason to roll new characters. If I level through the new system, it’s not going to be to enjoy it — because I’ve already enjoyed it, lots of times — it’s going to be because I want or need another character. I have been leveling a Highmountain Druid for a gathering alt, and it’s wholly possible I won’t finish before the pre-patch hits, and I’ll level the rest of the way in the new system.

So in the end… it just doesn’t matter much to me. I have already eked every bit of joy I can out of past expansions, and even though the new system is significantly better, it doesn’t make a big difference to me whether I play it or not.


Here’s a QftQ: With all the new character customization options coming in the new expansion (technically, the pre-patch) are there any options you feel they overlooked?

I wish there were an option for default facial expression. What got me thinking of that are gnomes, and how in early WoD beta the revamped Gnomes had a bright, sunny smile which wound up getting replaced when people complained because I guess they hate positivity.

But now that we’re having all these extra options, I think it would be a neat future addition to allow us to set our character’s default expressions so we can have big smiley gnomes again instead of the North American Kirby boxart gnomes we have.

The WoD character models have such a wide range of expressions that we otherwise don’t get to see outside of emotes, it would be cool little touch if we had more control over our character’s demeanor.

I dig that expression idea. With so many cool expressions, it is a shame that we so rarely get to see them.

However, my wants are much more mundane. I love all of these new customizations. Love them. But I feel like they aren’t very evenly distributed. For example, Night Elves can now choose not to have eyebrows the size of their ears, but Blood Elves can’t. Pandarens have so few options compared to other races, with much less of a revamp. Gnomes don’t have nearly the wide range of jewelry options you see on Humans or Elves.

There are some really great new customization options, but I still wish every race had a similar number of customization options.


We now have extra time (WoW-wise) that we didn’t think we were going to have (spooky time).

Q4TQ: What are you going to do with this spooky time? Read more? Exercise more? Learn how to make a good Pad Thai?

To be honest, since the rep buff has returned, I’ll probably keep logging on to do emissary quests and work on my reputations.


QtfQ: Who is the NPC you haven’t seen in a while that you don’t want to encounter as ex-living in the Shadowlands?

Maximillian of Northshire for me!

Zen’Kiki. I really want that guy to still be on Azeroth learning and growing.


Q4tQ: How many boats do Azerothians need to misplace before they install better tracking systems on them? Gnomes and goblins have the tech for it!

At least one more.


Q4TQ: would you eat the peeps chilli?

I think I would at least give it a try. Sweet and savory is a classic flavor combination! It could work!

And that’s all for now, my friends. Be sure to hug your pets, tell your loved ones that you love them, and maybe binge through four seasons of The Good Place and wind up writing the Queue at 5am on a Friday morning just after you finished the last episode and you can’t stop crying.

Okay. Maybe not that last one. But do watch The Good Place.

Bye for now, Queue. I love you.

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