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HearthstoneNov 12, 2020 2:00 pm CT

Get the decks you need to win the Gone Fishin’ Tavern Brawl

Fall is such a beautiful time of year. You just want to grab the fishing gear and head out to explore nature. Nat Pagle agrees as he takes over the Hearthstone Tavern Brawl with Gone Fishin’. Let’s see how you can angle for some wins.

Gone Fishin’ Tavern Brawl basics

  • Name: Gone Fishin’
  • Description: Let’s go fishing! Build a deck for 20 minions, we’ll give you 10 random class spells and a rod so you can fish minions out of your opponent’s deck!
  • Fun level: 3/10
  • Difficulty: 5-8/10 (depending on the size of your card collection)
  • Replayability: 6/10
  • Format: Wild
  • Type: PVP
  • Deck: Constructed
  • Rewards: 1 Classic pack

You’ll start by selecting a class and making a deck. This is a Constructed Brawl so the overall size of your collection will matter. It uses Wild rules which brings far more cards into play.

The main mechanic’s is Tad’s Pole, a weapon each player starts the game with. At the end your turn, Tad’s Pole summons a minion from your opponent’s deck and puts it on your side of the board. You can destroy Tad’s Pole if you have a minion with that Battlecry, but the Brawl will equip a new one on your opponent on the following turn.

There’s also the random element of the 10 added cards to your deck. You’re hoping for life gain or board clears, but only keep the lower cost spells. You start with only 20 health. This favors an aggressive approach and most games are over fairly quickly.

How to win the Gone Fishin’ Tavern Brawl

The rules of the Brawl make for some interesting deck building considerations. You want cards that aren’t great for your opponent to summon from your deck. Battlecry effects won’t fire when the cards are pulled with Tad’s Pole, which makes cards that get most of their value out of their Battlecry appealing. If you draw and play the card, you’ll get the benefit of the Battlecry, but if your opponent pulls it with Tad’s Pole, they won’t. Doomsayer and Depth Charge are great additions because your opponent won’t have any time to deal with them before they go off.

Here are some winning decks to try out:

Deathstalker Hunter

  • Deck Code: AAECAR8CrcIChtMCCZwCogLeBJfBAonDArbLAtPNAvPTArr2AgA=
  • Hero cards can’t get fished. This deck relies on the power of Deathstalker Rexxar. Once you play him, you’ll create Zombeasts each turn far more powerful than anything your opponent will fish from you.

Fishy Hunter

  • Deck Code: AAECAR8ACooB3QT6DK6bA4ioA/yvA4SxA56xA+O+A8jSAwA=
  • Your deck is a who’s who of useless minions. Your opponent only has 20 health. Assuming he’s not a Priest or Warrior, the game is over in 10 turns if you just hit your Hero Power every turn. You could also try a similiar strategy with the Demon Hunter.

Fishy Mage

  • Deck Code: AAECAf0EApwC2dEDCYUD0Ae0kQP9pwOLqQPevgPfvgPgvgObzQMA
  • This deck continues the theme of understated Battlecry minions. Most in this deck are just 1 hit point which makes them an easy target with your Hero Power. If you don’t have Jandice Barov, just substitute a Novice Engineer.

Hungry Paladin

  • Deck Code: AAEBAZ8FAAq7A8UD2wP+A9AHpwizwQKdwgKxwgKGxAIA
  • Mulligan hard for your Hungry Crab and then make like Baby Yoda and eat those Murlocs. (Mulligan hard means you throw away any card in the mulligan than isn’t a Hungry Crab).

Galakrond Value Priest

  • Deck Code: AAECAa0GAsjAA/7RAwmcAqIC3QS0kQP4pwParAOqrwPjvgOi1QMA
  • Galakrond isn’t a minion, and can’t be fished. You’re relying on Galakrond to create good minions in hand while your opponent fishes out the subpar minions filling this deck.

More Gone Fishin’ Tavern Brawl deck lists

Keep checking Hearthstone Top Decks, because there are more Tavern Brawl decks being added by the hour. If you find another great list, share it with us in the comments. Aggressive decks are the way to go with this Brawl once again. That’s a playstyle I don’ t find particularly exciting, so I’m probably one and done.

Overall, this Brawl rewards making a deck to frustrate your opponent. While always a good practice, don’t accept any friend requests immediately after a match. Trust me. Good luck getting this week’s Classic pack.

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