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Ted Atchley

Ted Atchley @honorshammer — I'm a 10 year veteran of World of Warcraft with the overwhelming majority of that time as a Protection Paladin. I started my tanking career at the end of Vanilla, and I've played every expansion since. I'm now a Retribution Paladin, but I'm hoping to pick up the shield again in Shadowlands. In addition to WoW, I play Hearthstone and Overwatch. I used to blog about my gaming life at http://honorscode.blogspot.com/. Whenever I pull a boss, I have a macro that yells "HEY [bossName], it's Hammer time!". It's supposed to be sort of like The Thing's "its clobbering time" but most people think MC Hammer. Outside of gaming, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful bride and our two kids, watching the NFL, reading, and writing fiction.

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