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The QueueJan 21, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Chaddius!

We are the Chaddius. You will be assimilated. You will be provided with a nice pool to relax at, and a pair of kickin’ sunglasses.

Resistance is futile.


Q4tChaddius: How important is min-maxing to you in WoW? Do you have to play the top covenant or spec for your class? 

So I used to be really into maximizing my global cooldowns and making sure that my opening damage window was as perfect as possible. That was in Mists of Pandaria at the height of button bloat though, so if I didn’t I’d wind up missing a cooldown by accident. Like my Herbalism cooldown. Remember when the gathering professions gave combat benefits? That was a wild time.

When I moved onto tanking that kind of fell by the wayside. I was more in a position to fudge the numbers a bit, at the end of the fight as long as I did my best to survive it’s probably ok if I didn’t use a pair of damage potions during the encounter. If the kill was going to come down to whether or not I could do an extra 20,000 damage then there are other problems that should be fixed in the group.

So when it came time to choose Covenants I wasn’t too concerned with the beta testing numbers. I was more interested in the general vibes of each Covenant. Most Druids I know wound up going Night Fae — whether that was because they really dug the whole forest setting, they really liked the ability Convoke the Spirits or both! But for me I like being a Vampire, so I went to Venthyr and I haven’t been that upset. I do wish I had the “cheat death” seed pod though.


Q4tChaddius: Do you even want to see a World of Warcraft 2? Would you want to start over in a similar Azeroth or just keep down the road we’re on until they run out of expansion ideas? 

After having gone through Destiny to Destiny 2 not really. Losing all of my sweet weapons, gear, and Sparrows felt pretty bad. Plus they’ve just been adding some of the favorites back into Destiny 2 anyway. All that work to bring content back that they took out in the first place, and they still haven’t even brought back my favorite feature — the Sparrow Racing League. I don’t know why I enjoyed having a racing game in my shooter, but I did and I can’t believe that Destiny 2 hasn’t expanded on it.

Now if you replace all of the things above with epics, mounts, toys, and battle-pets in a hypothetical World of Warcraft 2 you can see why I’d be leery of it. They’ve only just given us some of the pruned abilities back, and even then not everything that players wanted, like Sentry Totem for Shamam. It’s a tough position because WoW is built on an extremely old engine at this point, but I’m willing to give up some quality of life features if it means that I don’t have to worry about losing even one of my battle-pets.


Q4tQ: Shadowlands squished everyone down to 50 in the pre-patch, and we had to gain 10 levels to hit the new cap of 60. Do you think Blizz will stick with adding 10 levels for our characters each expansion, or do you think they might lower it down to 5 per expansion in order to make this level squish last longer? 

Oh man, I hope we don’t see five-level expansions again. Ten levels just feel better. Even if functionally there’s no difference it’s more about the perception than anything in my mind. I think that we’ve seen how they can plan out the gearing around leveling content in Shadowlands to make sure that they’re not wasting any ilevels really. I didn’t replace any of my Mythic Ny’alotha gear until I hit max level, so whether it was five or ten levels shouldn’t affect how long the squish lasts us.


Q for a M: What’s your favorite boss model from the past three expansions? 

That’s a toughy! In no particular order, I’m going to just fire off some bosses, and one of them is for sure my favorite but I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

  • Opulence in Battle of Dazar’alor
  • Kil’jaeden in Tomb of Sargeras
  • Queen Ashzara in Azshara’s Eternal Palace
  • N’zoth in Ny’alotha the Waking City
  • Helya in Trial of Valor
  • G’huun in Uldir
  • Sire Denathrius in Castle Nathria

There’s a lot of bosses from the end of raids there. Maybe that’s because they’re the bigger badder fights and we spend more time with them, so we can appreciate them more, and maybe it’s because they get more designer time because they’re supposed to be bigger badder fights.


Q4tQ: Since this week’s theme could be construed as cover versions of an original queue, What are your favourite cover versions of songs? And, are there any that you feel rock the cover so well they’re equal to or better than the original? 


I love a good cover, especially when they twist the genre of the song in new and fun ways. I’ve been hooked on Postmodern Jukebox since I first heard them cover Creep and Frogleap Studios since I first heard him do Feel Good Inc. Postmodern Jukebox’s versions of  Timber and Blank Space are some of their best. Any of their collaborations with Morgan James or Puddles the Sad Clown are fantastic — their voices are so gigantic and absolutely fill their room. Maps and Royals being their respective standouts. Their absolute top of the heap best though has to be their Mariachi twist on Wake Me Up. Those horns get me every time.

Today’s Anna  Liz Matt Earworm™: Africa (metal cover by Leo Moracchioli feat. Rabea & Hannah)

Four Chaddius in a row! Will we have a full week? Tune in tomorrow to find out — same Chaddius-time, same Chaddius-channel.

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