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Transmog > WoWFeb 5, 2021 4:30 pm CT

Don’t forget! You can get permanent transmog flower crowns from the Lunar Festival holiday, now live

In real life, flowers aren’t permanent, but in the Lunar Festival event in WoW, the flower crowns are permanent and transmoggable all year-round. And it rules.

WoW’s annual Chinese holiday started today and runs until February 19. Nothing has changed from last year, so if you’ve already gotten your crowns and all the other rewards, there isn’t a big reason to revisit the event. But if you haven’t collected everything the Lunar Festival offers, you’ll want to run around Azeroth and honor the elders to earn Coins of Ancestry. You can then take those coins and trade them for battle pets, toys, and heirloom upgrades in Moonglade. That means you can pick up stuff like the Lunar Elder’s Hearthstone, the pieces of the Dragon costume, and one of those lovely flower crowns — or all of them.

But while the temporary flower crowns just cost coins, getting the permanent flower crowns requires you to complete a couple quests.

If you want a crown, start by heading to Moonglade, where you’ll find the Lunar Preservation quest that sets you on the path towards these forever flowers. It sends you on a bit of a goose chase, but isn’t too difficult: you’ll have to visit moonwells across Azeroth and then return with all eight moonwell buffs in time to successfully finish the quest. Wowhead commenter Vandiel01 provided this handy list of coordinates for the quest, which you can copy into TomTom for automatic directions:

/way Moonglade 53.2 36.1 Lunar Preservation Quest

/way Moonglade 48.4 33.5 Moonwell 1

/way Felwood 44.0 28.3 Moonwell 2

/way Ashenvale 53.0 46 Moonwell 3

/way Ashenvale 60.1 72.8 Moonwell 4

/way Stonetalon Mountains 41.7 19 Moonwell 5

/way Feralas 60.0 46.0 Dire Maul Moonwell 6

/way Duskwood 49.1 33.6 Moonwell 7

/way Mount Hyjal 60.0 24.0 Moonwell 8

Once you’re finished, you’ll be able to pick up one of four quests — one for each color crown — that send you back around the world to pick up flowers to make the four available crowns. Again, Vandiel01 provides coordinates you can plug into TomTom:

/way Winterspring 57.4 32.5 Generosity [Good Fortune]
/way Northern Barrens 37.0 45.9 Wealth [Prosperity]
/way Mulgore 51.7 32.4 Sincerity [Courage]
/way Desolace 52.4 48.1 Compassion [Dark Blossom]
/way Un’goro Crater 66.3 28.5 Felicity [Prosperity]
/way Tanaris 58.6 27.0 CoT Portal to SW/Org for Eastern Kingdom

Eastern Kingdom:
/way The Cape of Stranglethorn 46.8 19.2 Peace [Prosperity]
/way Duskwood 64.8 25.8 Reflection [Dark Blossom]
/way Dun Morogh 49.5 56.0 Luck [Good Fortune]
/way Hinterlands 61.7 39.8 Vigor [Courage]
/way Hillsbrad Foothills 49.6 22.7 Thoughtfulness [Good Fortune]
/way Silverpine Forest 56.0 33.0 Solemnity [Dark Blossom]
/way Eastern Plaguelands 53.6 10.3 Portal to Ghostlands
/way Eversong Wood 43.2 67.7 Fortitude [Courage]

Once you’ve completed these quests, you’ll get an upgraded “Everlasting” version of the crowns to use to your transmogging heart’s content all year.

Updated 2/5/2021

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