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The QueueApr 5, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Happy Noblegarden!

It’s been a nice relaxing weekend for me. The holiday on Sunday thwarted our plans to save Kael’thas’ soul, so that’s kind of a bummer — but there’s always next week! I hope that if you were celebrating this weekend that it was full of fun times and good grub.

While I eat myself further into a food coma, I take you now to — The Queue.


Q4tQ: If you have the original Bananas do you get a second with donation?

I’m guessing you don’t but thought I’d check. I really want Daisy so I hope we all donate enough for it to happen.

You do! I now have two Bananas on my pet list. It took a day for the second one to show up after going through their claiming site, so maybe if you haven’t seen yours yet he’s still coming. If you haven’t seen him yet, there was some troubleshooting that Blizzard provided and I included it in my post about how to donate.

As of right now, the donations are about $750,000… Daisy is just 25% away! We’re so close to slothy goodness. I guess just like a real sloth she’s taking her sweet time to get to us.


Q4tQ: is there a genre of game that you always think you might like even when you know you won’t? I mean game types that you’ve tried and haven’t liked, but you still want to try new ones of that type, just in case.

For me, it’s rhythm games. I am horrible at them, and I get frustrated so easily. The only one I’ve ever gotten barely decent at is Guitar Hero, way back when. But they come in so many different kinds now and a lot of them look cool as heck, so I’ve spent quite a bit of time telling myself no, I don’t need to pick up this game, I won’t like it like I didn’t like the last one I tried.

Racing games for me. I’ve really enjoyed my time with the more out there examples of the genre, BurnoutThe Crew, and Split/Second off the top of my head. But any time I try and get into a new one that hews a little closer to actual car physics I’m completely terrible at it. I just want to ram my car into other cars and watch as the world explodes around me! Why aren’t there more examples of racing games where I can do that?


Alright, 15 Maldraxxus callings completed.


Follow-up question: “WHY?” but in bold.

That’s too much, man!


Q4tQ: in games where you equip your character(s), how important is getting new gear to you?

Asking because I recently finished playing AC: Valhalla and I found the gearing unsatisfying. Every piece of equipment in that game is unique, all have their own perks, and they’re all upgradeable. What that meant for me was sticking with the same gear through most of the game, just upgrading it from time to time, instead of finding new stuff and using that. This led to me not looking forward to getting new stuff, because odds were good it wouldn’t be better than what I already had. I mean, I had 127 hours when I finished and at least 90 of that was with the same sword.

Oo Valhalla, I just beat that this last week. Every zone completed, all four godly weapons found. Although I got the ‘bad’ ending not that I care. That character not coming back from the place to the other place feels like the better ending. They’re a jerk and I’m glad they’re gone.

I never changed my starter gear. I wore the Raven garb all the way from the start of the game to the end. The same goes for my Light Bow — once I had Skadi’s Wrath I just upgraded that all the way to the end and called it good. The only thing I did end up changing was the main weapons I used. Until I got a pair of two-handed swords, then it was all swords all the time. I am very glad that I was able to get the very fancy two-handed sword from that cave with the tablets. That thing was dope. But my gear never felt important to change, Raven stuff had extra crit chance on it and that’s always good.

Plus the Valhalla upgrading the quality of your gear system was awful and took way too long. Sorry Mr. Blacksmith but I’m only visiting you under duress.

But that all might be on a case-by-case basis when it comes to other games. Like I love getting my upgrades in Warcraft but I’m not fiending for them. I’ll happily pass to someone if they’ll get more use out of it than I will. Transmog being the exception, I always want the piece for transmog.

Looking good while playing games might be at the top of my list, no matter the game.


Q4TP: With 9.1 on the horizon…or at least the PTR, what do you think/what do you want the changes to legendaries to be? I’m pulling for another rank or two and the addition of weapons allowing us to use 2 at a time: a weapon and gear.

We’re definitely going to get upgraded legendary ranks. How could they not? This is going to make some people very upset as it’s already hard enough to level ranks of the base items for crafters. Either they add a whole new doodad that is used to just boost a rank one base item to rank five, or the people coming in late to the expansion are going to be massively behind the curve when it comes to the material cost for making the new ranks of legendary items. I really hope that Blizzard has an elegant system in place to handle this because I could see it getting — messy.

I do like your idea about Legendary weapons. But I think that we’re unlikely to see it as the way to get your second slot. With the raid dropping weapon tokens for three classes at once, I bet they’re going to keep doing that for the rest of the expansion, so you wouldn’t want crafters to be the source of best-in-slot weapons. Those raid tokens would be valueless. I do wonder if we’ll get our second legendary so soon in the expansion, I know that we’ve been in Shadowlands forever at this point without 9.1 but even then that feels like it’s pretty early to be adding that huge power burst. I really want to be able to wear my Legacy of the Sleeper and Ursoc’s Fury Remembered asap, but after that where do we get our big power spikes from in the next patch?


Why is anima? What is the best class in Mass Effect 1? HOW DO I GET RHINESTONE SUNGLASSES?? What is the best kind of dog?

1)I wish I knew why is Anima. I mean I know why Anima exists, it’s to fill the War Resources thing so that we can send out table missions, and provides extra rewards to World Quests so that players keep doing those. Without Anima, WQ would only award gold, and toys, and gear. Once you outgear the gear rewards that’s no incentive, once you get the toys that’s no incentive, and sure we could always use gold — but is gold enough of a motivation to go 10 minutes out of your way to kill a bunch of random Forsworn menacing Bastion? Not usually in my experience.

2) I haven’t played ME1 in a long time, but I’m pretty sure it was Adept with the Nemesis specialization. Lift is too strong to not use. Obviously, you and I both know that in the other games it’s whatever gives you Biotic Charge.

3)Luck, either to find a Jewelcrafter on your server with the pattern or to find the pattern yourself. I’ve got the materials on two of my servers and I’ll spam trade chat every once in a while just trying to get lucky.

4) The best kind of dog is the one that’s nearest to you that you can pet. The second-best kind of dog is a dog wearing a cool pair of sunglasses and a hat. The third best kind is a Tibetan Bear Mastiff because people have mistakenly raised bears by accident thinking they had one. Plus they’re gigantic, which means there is more dog to pet — which takes them back to being the best dog.

Today’s Anna Earworm™: M4, Pt. 2

Have an eggcellent week everyone!

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