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The QueueMay 5, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Vicariously I live while the whole world dies

Yeah, I’m listening to Tool again.

It’s the Queue. Let’s get to it, shall we?


Q4tRossi: would you like it if we got Liefeld style pouches on our in game models? One ring of pouches around an arm or leg for every bag we had equipped.

No, God no. What’s next, extremely tiny, pointy feet? Hundreds of chicklet sized teeth? Weird lines on our faces for no reason? Hair that looks like burning brillo? Why would you even ask me this? You know where this leads? THIS is where you’re trying to take us.


Q4tQ: What do you think happens if Vol’jin is dead before the Horde leave the Broken Shore? Does Sylvanas make a play for Warchief even without Mueh’zala’s help?

I think Mueh’zala was very deliberately keeping Vol’jin from dying, and that’s the only reason he survived all the way back to Orgrimmar considering he’d been stabbed right through the chest by a demon who clearly laced his wounds with Fel.

So I think the only way Vol’jin could have died on that trip would be for Mueh’zala to have been distracted or assaulted somehow, to break his power, because the Loa voices Vol’jin was hearing the whole time were Mueh’zala manipulating him as he very slowly died. Mueh’zala clearly needed to keep Vol’jin alive so that he could name Sylvanas as Warchief, and just as clearly went to great lengths to make sure it happened.

My theory is that Sylvanas would have chosen to wait and see if for some reason Vol’jin died before naming a replacement. She’s an excellent tactician and she would likely have known she didn’t have the support of the rest of the Horde without Vol’jin’s blessing.


Q4tQ: As this is xpac and associated novel seem to be indicating an end to Sylvanas’ story how do you think she should go out?

Okay, I’m gonna be completely honest here.

I don’t care.

I don’t care what happens to Sylvanas. I don’t care if she stays undead, lives, or dies for good this time. I’m not interested in the inner torment of the person who destroyed three cities — Gilneas City, Teldrassil/Darnassus, and Undercity — and who has basically been front and center in the story since Legion.

I have a lot of respect for the WoW story team, and I think they do excellent work. I’m super excited for a Christie Golden novel delving into Sylvanas’ life and undeath. But even so, I just don’t have it in me to care what happens to Sylvanas. I care about her victims.

I’m more interested in where the Night Elves, Worgen and yes, even the Forsaken go from here once she’s gone. Where do the Worgen even live now? I’ve often wished that the Night Elves would move to Gilneas and help the Worgen and their uncursed Gilnean friends and families reclaim their home. I’m fine with them living on Mount Hyjal, but I’d like to see them more central in the Alliance from now on.

Heck, if I had a genie and could make wishes? The Night Elves actually reach out to the Forsaken, through the various Dark Rangers that were Night Elves once. The two peoples recognize that they were both victimized by Sylvanas and make a kind of peace, and through this initiative, the Horde and Alliance do so as well. We start seeing cooperation between various groups, as nobody wants a war like that one again, and everyone finally realizes that Azeroth needs all of its peoples fighting to save it from the huge threats coming their way.

Let that be Sylvanas’ legacy. Let the people she hurt bury her and carry on.


Q4tQ: do you remember your first Dungeon Finder/LFD experience? How did it go?

I remember being really nervous to give it a shot. I waited until it had been around for 2-3 weeks and I’d read all kinds of terrible stories, mostly due to DPS pulling aggro or not interrupting or just screwing up. So I didn’t want to go in there and ruin the run. But I finally queued with my draenei arcane mage, and got Gundrak (since LFD started as WotLK-only), and… it went well. The run wasn’t any trouble, I didn’t pull aggro from the tank, nobody died. And it was like, huh, is that what I was so nervous about?

I don’t think it was the first LFD I ran, but the first I remember? It was one of the harder dungeons, Halls of Reflection. I remember having a hard time until I managed to get the group to start using line of sight to drag all the adds over to one spot so they could be AoE’d while I tanked my little blue butt off, and it was still pretty touch and go with some of the casters refusing to come to me.

But we got through it, and it was a lot less painful than all the years before it when I had to PuG tank for groups without it.

Whoops, I forgot to put in an outro.

Uh… be nice to each other! There. Thankfully I noticed this before… oh, wait, no, the post published and y’all saw it.


Anyway, make sure to leave lots of questions in the comments.

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