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WoW ClassicMay 19, 2021 10:00 am CT

Burning Crusade Classic will have no daily dungeon limit

The philosophy of the development of Burning Crusade Classic has been fascinating to watch, as the expansion to WoW Classic has been one that’s been much less reticent to make changes and alter the game from its original form. I applaud this, frankly — it’s not 2007. Heck, it’s not even 2019, when WoW Classic launched, and the changes that keep on coming aren’t just changes from the original anymore. CM Kaivax posted to the forums detailing a change from WoW Classic, as the daily dungeon limit that was included last year to help curtail abuses is being rolled back specifically for BCC servers.

Originally Posted by Kaivax (Official Post)


The daily limit was a setting that we chose with great care last year, as we measured that it would impact an extremely low number of legitimate accounts, while giving us a helpful means to limit the impact of exploitative accounts before we could detect them and close them.

Now, with The Burning Crusade Classic pre-patch upon us, we understand that players are about to play WoW in a different way as they level up their Blood Elves and Draenei and then go through the Dark Portal and level some more. Over the next few weeks, the impact of the daily limit is more difficult to know, so we’re going to remove the daily limit on all Burning Crusade realms, effective with the launch of pre-patch.

As before, we will carefully observe player activity so that we can decide what daily limit, if any, is appropriate to enact after Outland leveling activities have peaked.


I understand why this is being done — limiting players who are trying to speed level to 58 as fast as possible so they can play a new Blood Elf Paladin or Draenei Shaman would make getting there more arduous and hold up groups that are relying on these new characters to get to 70 and join in on the max-level fun. A lot of players are going to be trying this — it’s a big sea change from the way things are now on WoW Classic and the Classic Era servers, and it probably required this change to  keep from bottlenecking those players.

Plus, since there are new 58-70 dungeons, the exploits that existed before will be less compelling — old content is old content, and the 1-60 dungeons just won’t have anything to offer players trying to get to Outland as quickly as possible. I think it’s a safe move for the BCC servers, although I do wonder if they’ll need to implement a dungeon limit on Outland dungeons to keep a new wave of grifters at bay. Perhaps, if they can’t get those accounts locked down before they adversely affect the economy, as they did before.

Hopefully this means my upcoming Draenei Shaman can get dragged through dungeons by helpful folks because I really want to get up to level 70 and start tanking Karazhan in PVP gear.

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