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WoW ClassicJun 1, 2021 4:00 pm CT

Best addons for Burning Crusade Classic

It’s been almost two years since our WoW Classic addons roundup, and so, with Burning Crusade Classic around the corner, it’s time to look at the addons you’re going to want for your adventure to Outland. Of course, some of the addons we listed back in 2019 are still good — Z-Perl Unit Frames, for example, is still going to be of use. So by all means, look over that post. This post will be focused on addons specifically for players jumping right into BCC, who need to catch up to everyone who’s been playing WoW Classic this whole time.

The Absolute Legends – Utility Addons

Look, you’re going to be questing. It’s what you do when leveling from 60 to 70 in Outland. And remember, this is Classic Outland — it hasn’t had the many years of XP tweaking that we saw over the years. This is the original experience, with the much slower leveling that will require you to scrape out every last drop of XP from every zone. So I’m going to recommend Questie for players who are trying to get from 1 to 70 on their new Blood Elves and Draenei, or players just trying to get to 70 for raiding ASAP. Also useful for your leveling grind, Titan Panel adds a whole host of information to your screen — things like coordinates to help you find that one pesky quest mob, or your XP per hour breakdown. It’s also very customizable.

And since you’ll be questing, you’ll likely be killing a lot of stuff and filling up your bags with junk to vendor. That means you’re likely going to get frustrated with the default bag interface, right? Well, if you do, then some bag addons may help, like Bagnon or Combuctor. These simply things so that you have an easier time finding all that crisp basilisk urethra when you’re at the Blacksmith trying to repair your gear and need to scrape up some gold.

Speaking of gold, once you get into the swing of things, you may want to start using the Auction House, either to make gold, or to spend some to level professions or make leveling easier with some better equipment. Well, there are a couple of options for AH help, Auctioneer Complete and Auctionator. Auctionator is aimed at folks like me who mostly just use the AH to buy stuff or occasionally sell something we can’t use — it’s a more casual and easy to use addon — while Auctioneer Complete is for you AH wizards out there looking to make a profit.

Some players really don’t like the standard UI. I’m not one of them, but in the interest of serving players who look for something different, there are a few UI mods available in Burning Crusade Classic, like ShestakUI, TukUI, and ElvUI.

Killing things in a group (or raid) requires a new set of addons

On your way to level 70, you may run a few dungeons, and at least some of us are going to raid at level 70. That’s what Deadly Boss Mods is for, ultimately — helping you succeed in group content. If you’ve ever raided in World of Warcraft, you probably understand what this mod does, but if you’re new, DBM adds information to your screen and provides audio clues during a boss encounter to help you figure out what you’re supposed to be doing.

You might want to look into meters for raids and dungeons — they were very popular back in the day, and indeed, are still used in modern WoW. Back in BC, a meter for threat was an essential tool in every raider’s kit. You didn’t want to pull threat off of the tanks, after all, and certain raid fights caused classes without a taunt like Mages to have to tank via Spellsteal, so I’d recommend picking up either Omen or KTM-KLH. You can also use a Damage meter, like Recount or Details — useful for not just DPS, but raw damage output for specific encounters, and even useful for seeing how much healing is being done.

Speaking of healing, if you plan on doing any, you might want to check out Grid. Back in the day, if you wanted to raid as a healer, you were practically mandated to install and use Grid. It provides a UI that lets you look at your whole raid at a glance and see which characters are at closest to death, helping you prioritize your heals. Also useful for healers and DPS is a scrolling battle text addon like Mik or the old standby, Scrolling Battle Text. SBT is simpler, but Mik was more often updated and has more features.

Also, I shouldn’t leave out WeakAuras2, for players who really like having a giant face show up on their screen when they’re supposed to do something. I kid, but it is actually a very useful addon for raiding and dungeons, allowing you to program alerts that will go off at specific conditions and remind you to use that cooldown or get out of that fire.

These are a few of the addons that can serve to help you navigate the perils of Outland as you get started in BCC. Have fun, get away from Fel Reavers, and above all else seriously avoid the Fel Reaver, that’s not a joke.

Originally published 5/24/2021

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