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The QueueSep 2, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: If every single spell I cast on you would take your breath away, I’d cast ’em all

Hello and happy Thursday, Queuemans! Even though I didn’t have the first Queue of the month, I’m grateful to see Anna make the obligatory yet timeless reference. The reference, of course, being to Green Day’s Wake Me Up When September Ends.

In any case, this is The Queue, and it’s time to do just that.


QftQ: Which chocolate in a box of chocolates would you delete from existence forever. For me, coconut creams without hesitation.

Oh man, I’m one of those people who loves coconut in my food. I’d be very sad to see those go.

I think maybe I’d get rid of the ones with cream. It’s not that I hate them or anything — but usually they’re my least favorite of the bunch.


Q4TQ: given that there’s huge speculation about Maldraxxus being the corpse of a being, how literal do you think Sire Denathrius was being when he said “I am Revendreth!”?

At this point, it seems all but confirmed that Maldraxxus is, in some way, alive. And I think to some degree, Denathrius was serious about him “being” Revendreth — but not in the same way Maldraxxus is alive.

I think that Denathrius meant his death would mean the end of Revendreth in some way, shape, or form. A while back, there was a glitch where you could kill the Archon in Spires of Ascension, and the dialog that popped up was, “As the Archon perishes, all life in the zone is wiped out!” — my guess is Denathrius has a similar effect on Revendreth.

It’s all speculation based on a line that we maybe weren’t meant to see (yet?) but it makes sense that Denathrius would yell his line if it really did mean the end of Revendreth upon his death.


Q4tQ Do you consider early September to be part of autumn, or do the leaves need to change and/or the daytime go below 12 hours before you consider the season to have changed?

I consider September to be the start of Spooky Season™ but I usually don’t call it “fall/autumn” until the actual equinox — that’s almost entirely out of obsessive pedantry though. If you want to consider September the start of fall, be my guest!

I will say, it doesn’t tend to feel like fall until much later. And even then, we tend to get like one good week of actual fall weather in between an overlong summer and an early winter.


This tea daily is the grab 7 gromits all over again. Were any of the Korthia dailies actually tested for having a lot of people doing quest?

This is a tough one, because I feel like this sort of thing would likely be aided by more players being on the PTR. While the devs are certainly able to test for quite a bit on their own, it’s hard to mirror real player scenarios and behavior without real players. And that’s why we have PTRs and betas!

But I also don’t want to make it sound like I think the onus is 100% on players. I don’t tend to play PTRs extensively because daily content is already grind-y as it is, and I don’t want to burn out before content is even live. So I get why PTRs don’t always get the ideal test environment.

In a perfect world, enough players would test to mirror live scenarios well enough, but devs would be on hand to hotfix frustrating and unexpected roadblocks on launch day. I do feel like that happens with betas and expansion launches, too. But it’s harder to get players to test PTRs to that degree, which leads to frustrations like you’ve described. I really wish players (maybe veterans only) had a “report bug” mouseover option like we get with beta tests. I feel that would expedite a lot of live-game issues. Maybe one day.


Q4tQ: will you be publishing “A WoW players guide to getting Sarge” guide to help those of us who have never played or taken a long absence from Hearthstone? I seem to recall similar guides back when the other cross promotion mounts were released.

Our good friend Red answered this already, so I’m going to be lazy and steal that!

That’s almost a guarantee! I’ll probably be the one to write that guide.

Mercenaries is only coming on October 12, and we don’t even know what gameplay is gonna look like yet, lol. But rest assured we’ll try to make a super simple guide even for people who are completely clueless about the mechanics, and just want to get in, earn the mount, and get out quick.


I just changed my work password, wrote it down, and already forgot what it was

Q4TQ: did I forget my work password because writing it down relieved my mind from the pressure of trying to remember it? Would I have not forgotten it had I not written it down?

I don’t have a good answer to your question, but I will just say how much I love having a password manager. I use LastPass and it’s phenomenal. It seriously has made my digital password life so much easier and more convenient. And the fact that it has plugins and apps and all kinds of things to make it available on whatever device you need is great. Even if you don’t go with that specific one, I highly recommend looking into a password manager.

(#NotSponsored, btw.)



I can’t believe I wrote an actual Q4tQ about sexy voices and forgot to mention… Illidan!

I have nothing to add here, but heck yeah sexy voices.

On that note, that’s today’s Queue! I hope you all have an amazing week and weekend, and please be sure to leave lots of questions for tomorrow’s writer!

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