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The QueueOct 26, 2021 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: The Scariest Nightmare

I’m sure we’ve all had that nightmare where there’s something really big and important you forgot to do. Maybe it’s a school paper, and then you’re in your underwear in front of the entire sophomore student body. Maybe it’s a project at work, and then you get fired. Maybe it’s a weekly Q&A column. Either way, it’s spooky.

This is The Queue, where you ask us questions and we definitely remember to give you answers quickly enough that it doesn’t haunt our dreams ever.


Q4tQ: We’re getting new weather effects in Stormwind and Orgrimmar. Would you like to have cloaks with hoods that you could put up and down? I’d at least like the option to carry an umbrella. :)

I would love hoods, beyond the current detached ones that seem to be available for almost every AC except mail, somehow. I really like fostering the idea with my hunter that she’s an outdoorsy lady. Being a Blood Elf, with their courtly nature, my headcanon is that her ability trajectory would be somewhat similar to Snow White’s. Already having a penchant for communicating with creatures like the birds and rabbits in the gardens at the palace, she’d have a natural grasp of woodcraft and be able to survive pretty readily on her own.

As such, her transmog tends to mirror a survivalist. One thing which is pretty invaluable in nearly all types of weather is a good, thick, hooded cloak. Keeps off the rain and snow, can double as a blanket, can even help keep you cooler. Plus, it adds mystique and helps her hide from the Evil Queen. What’s not to like?


Q4TQ: Would you play a Warcraft dating sim?


I will say that, as a lady pushing 40, I feel a little weird about the fixation on characters like Anduin or Tess Graymane for a dating sim. Anduin in particular I literally watched grow up, so even though otherwise he fits the archetype of a dude I’d smooch in a romance game I feel gross doing it.

Now, if Turalyon were an option…


Q4TQ: is it feasible for my ilevel 138 Paladin to complete the Korthia weekly tonight? Y/N

I mean, you could always make a temporary friend via the group finder! It’s easy and fast to do stuff if you’re willing to tolerate the company of strangers with like-minded goals.


Q4tQ: Are you wearing a costume for Halloween this year, and if so is it for trick or treating, a party, or are you just getting into the seasonal fun at work or around the house?

It depends on how much time I have and how smoothly the day goes. I’ll definitely do something — it’s all a matter of exactly how extra I want to get.

I have a really good supply of last-minute costumes that just require some makeup or a specific combo of clothes — last year, I went as a take on a Roy Lichtenstein cartoon, which looked intricate, but it didn’t take much longer than my makeup usually does, and I already had everything for it around the house. I always have stuff around the house for costumes like Daria (green jacket, orange shirt, boots, glasses, black eyeliner for graphic touches), Rosie the Riveter (denim shirt, red bandana, red lip), Blair Witch Girl (tuque, jacket, video camera), or Morticia Addams (long black wig, black clothing, dramatic glam makeup).

All else fails, I have a bunch of headbands with cat ears, devil horns, or unicorn horns I can slap on at the last minute.

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