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The QueueNov 10, 2021 11:59 am CT

The Queue: Look who’s jumping off cliffs again

It’s still the best Assassin’s Creed game, and one of the best single player RPG experiences of the past ten years. So yeah, I started a new playthrough. In 2021. In late 2021. Gotta say, the plague scenes in Athens hit differently now.

Q4TQ: I saw the news that Dave Greco is joining Blizzard. I’m not very familiar with him – what excites you about his work and/or the announcement that he is joining Team 2?

I mean, I think his work is pretty stellar. He’s done freelance work for Blizzard before, and he’s got experience working on an MMO — he was the lead concept artist for Crowfall, which is kind of a tactical PVP MMO which I think you’d have to admit looks pretty slick. He’s done work for Magic the Gathering, for Privateer Press and Games Workshop over in the tabletop sphere, and even for Marvel, so he’s got a wide assortment of experience.

I like how he’s not afraid to combine elements in his work that are both typical for the genre and also new and experimental, and in general I just really admire his aesthetic.


This is odd. In 9.1.5 they changed how cosmetic gear (such as the renown set) works so it’s a consumable. On the surface this is just a minor QoL change to save people the extra trouble of getting rid of the statless item after they bought it.

However, a weird side effect of this change is that you can now unlock cosmetic gear for any armor type you can equip, even if it’s not the best type. This is great for plate wearers, who can now unlock any renown set from a single character, but gives no benefit to cloth wearers.

This might technically be a bug, but I feel like Blizzard should just embrace it and let anyone unlock any cosmetic item they have the currency and requirements to purchase on any character, even if the character in question can’t equip it.

Quite frankly, I already feel like a broken record with my constant open all transmog options, dump all transmog restrictions angle that I argue for constantly, but what the heck I’ll do another.

If you’re running Hellfire Citadel on your Monk and a piece of mail armor drops? Your Hunter should now have it unlocked. Heck, your Monk should be able to use it. Why are we restricting looks to armor type anymore? If a Paladin wants to wear a dress and a Mage or Warlock wants battle armor, let them. A piece drops, you get the appearance. You don’t have to restrict gear’s transmog options in this way — let cloth wearers look as fancy as they want. Heck, even Jaina’s wearing that weird claw glove thing and Anduin — a Priest — is gallivanting around in plate armor and swinging a sword around.

Let people use Ashkandi as their staff transmog. Let Rogues use Warglaives. Just let people do whatever, it’s going to be 2022 in a little under two months and the world is on fire, these restrictions don’t serve any purpose save to derail fun at this point. I don’t care if someone will make a silly looking mog with fish weapons and a kilt at this point, let them.


Is it just me or is this a slow Queue?

If the Queue feels slow, by all means, just ask like a thousand questions. Just keep leaving questions in there, the next writer will bless your name and erect a shrine of you dual wielding fish in a skirt in your honor.

This is a hint.


Q4tRossi: do you believe that “woke tokenism” is a thing in popular media? That is, the act of corporate mandated “inclusivity” in writing (as opposed to earnestly written inclusivity) to create a product that is marketable to the woke crowd.

I mean, we live in a world where corporations will paint up their logos with rainbows one month a year and spend the rest of the year taking huge excretions on their most vulnerable LGBTQ+ employees. Do I think corporate entities exploit people’s hunger for representation to sell them things without really caring about actual inclusivity? Yes, of course I do.

However, the argument is usually in bad faith. Most times you see someone arguing that the inclusion of a woman, or a minority group, or anyone from an oppressed group is forced or tokenism, it’s being weaponized to push the notion that having a character who is a member of a marginalized group is inherently political and forced, but having Yet Another White Stubbly Protagonist is just normal and natural. To the point that when the developers of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey wanted a female protagonist, they were forced by their corporate overlords to include a playable male protagonist that they had not designed the game for or intended.

In general, corporations do the opposite of token inclusion — they go out of their way to not include someone who isn’t a clone of random mcwhitedude, unless almost dragged kicking and screaming across the line. So if anything, I’d take a lot more of it, not worry about too much of it.


Its sort of amusing if I think about the changes that Enhance Shaman have gone through since I first started playing in TBC. Combat used to require me to use 4 separate GCDs just to drop my totems and then I could start attacking and maelstrom procs for free lightning had not even been thought about. Then during WotLK I was able to drop 4 totems with one button. Now I drop totems for utility purposes almost exclusively and only have a three of them keybound.

QftQ: What class have you played long term and still love despite all the changes to playstyle?

I don’t know.

I mean, there are a lot of classes in World of Warcraft and I’ve been playing for a while now.

I’m really going to have to think about it.

Shouldn’t rush into an answer. In fact, maybe let me get back to you?

Maybe Paladins? Man, this is a stumper. I feel bad I couldn’t come up with an answer.

Warriors, Dutrimi. The answer is Warriors. The answer is always Warriors.

Happy Quesday, all. See you next week. Remember, the perfect cure for a slow Queue? Lots of questions.

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