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The QueueJan 6, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: We are on a ship today

Hello and happy 2022, Queue! It’s Thursday, which means it’s not only almost the end of the week, but it’s also my turn to steer this Queue ship through the waves of questions and bring us safely to Port Disqus. Thankfully(?) it won’t be all that bumpy of a ride.

Queue ahoy!


So, what are y’all’s views on conversing during meals, specifically when only one party is eating and the other is talking at them?

I guess I kinda play it by ear? I certainly don’t want anyone talking at/to me and spitting food in the process, but if everyone seems comfortable with what’s happening, I don’t have an issue with most levels of conversation. I know I sometimes will spend more time talking because I eat really fast and I’m trying to slow myself down so I don’t end up sitting at the table watching the other person eat.

Again, it’s pretty situational — how well do I know the person? What’s the setting? Why are we grabbing food? What’s the conversation? etc. — but just please control where your food goes.


Wow, a football comment of mine got included in a Queue? Y’all gotta ask more questions, guys.

I promise I’ve tried to include every question here that I could! This isn’t even a question, but I wanted to include it because, yes, please ask more questions.


Q4tQ: if WoW allows the factions to group together and otherwise interact, how would you want them to implement it? Should there be an in-game reason for it, or should it just be a new feature, like LFG/LFR? Should there be a toggle for it, or should it be automatic?

Asking because I’m getting caught up on the BW podcast and I absolutely loved Rossi’s thoughts on bridging the faction divide via receiving a quest for a vital mission that turns out to be an interfaction beach party luau. :P

Don’t get me wrong, I do love it when all of the pieces line up nicely and you can use lore to explain gameplay, buuuuut at this point, so many people seem to want it — and the tech seems to exist — that I just say Blizz should implement cross-faction grouping and be done with it. Maybe make it a toggle or an “in case queue passes X minutes” situation.

But trying to wrap up the faction conflict to the point where in-universe, it makes sense for all Horde and all Alliance players to play side by side, or for Horde and Alliance to continue fighting in battlegrounds? I think it would either take too much time away from more interesting stories*, or it wouldn’t really get the justice it deserves.

*I don’t mean to say solving the faction conflict wouldn’t be an interesting story, but I think it comes with a whole host of other considerations and, given the choice, I’d opt for just adding it without a lore explanation.

Beach party luaus are also acceptable.


I just realized I’ve spent more of my adult life married than not. That’s weird.

Despite very minimal play in 2021, I’ve still spent more of my entire life playing WoW than not, and goodness, is that a weird feeling. But it’s also kinda cool, y’know? I like weird.


Q4tQ: How often do you refresh your Queue?

I always refresh The Queue when I do my deep dive for queuestions, and sometimes I’ll refresh if it’s been long enough and I see “XX new comments.” Otherwise, it just sort of depends how much I can keep up with it. On days that aren’t mine, though, I usually close and re-open every time I visit.


Kalcheus: Q4tQ: Do you talk about Bruno?

Mythriak: Is there a psychological condition for those people who doesn’t know how to start a conversation but would actually like to be in one?

SPencer Morgan: Q4tQ: how do I safely download majora’s mask for the [REDACTED] emulation software?

One of the above is definitely some sort of meme/joke I don’t understand, one is something I don’t have an answer to but assume can be answered with a German word, and the other is SPencer getting some Mitch Coin™.

That’s our Queue for today, crew! Have an excellent Thursday and may your journeys lead you to happiness!

Also please ask questions.

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