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WoWFeb 22, 2022 2:00 pm CT

How to get to Zereth Mortis in WoW patch 9.2

You can’t just ride a mount to get to Zereth Mortis, but at the same time, it’s not terrifyingly complex either. It’s actually just as simple as beginning the patch 9.2 campaign quests that send you there, ultimately.

According to Wowhead, there’s no specific requirement to get the quest Call of the Primus — your alts can get the quest no matter what portion of the overall Shadowlands campaign they’re on. There have been reports that you need to have finished the campaign up to patch 9.1.5, which might just be for the first character to start the quests and unlock Zereth Mortis.

Regardless, you should get the Call of the Primus quest when you log in after patch 9.2 has been deployed, which will direct you to talk to Tal’Inara, who is found at in the southwestern compass point of Oribos, near Bolvar and his crew. This leads to A Hasty Voyage, wherein you travel through a portal to Zereth Mortis itself. After completing The Old Waystone, a permanent portal between Zereth Mortis and Oribos should be established. This permanent portal will be on the north side of the Ring of Transference in Oribos.

It’s a fairly short and simple affair, although there are thirteen quests in total before the portal is opened, and you’ll make contact with the Enlightened faction of Brokers once you arrive in Zereth Mortis. Getting the Enlightened to trust you may make this a bit more time consuming than it otherwise would have been, but you’ll be in Zereth Mortis by then.

That’s basically it — log in, get the quest from the Primus, get up to the Arbiter’s Chamber and ride a mana wyrm to Zereth Mortis, whereupon you do a bunch of quests and eventually open the way for the forces of the four Covenants to come to Zereth Mortis and fight the Jailer’s armies. To get started it’s as simple as just logging on and going to Oribos, getting teleported up to the Arbiter’s Chamber and talking to the Primus, who sends you on your way.

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