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The QueueMay 11, 2022 12:00 pm CT

The Queue: Shall we play a game?

I have always wondered about AI and how it will actually shake out when we finally create a fully sapient artificial mind. If movies are to be our guide, it won’t go great for us.

It’s the Queue. Let’s chat.


Setting up Windows 11… Microsoft is really aggressively blocking you from making Chrome the default browser now.


My Rogue and DH only need three LFR bosses now. So do I kill just the three, and a single Great Vault item? Or upto five, which means two Great Vaults, but dilutes the pool more?


If the LFR runs seem relatively solid kill more bosses, always. It’s pure gambling, and has absolutely no basis behind it aside from me liking to kill bosses, but it will also mean a chance for each boss to drop something as well.


Hmm, if Chromie Time is being adjusted to work from 10-60 in Dragonflight, I wonder if they’re also adjusting exp gain.
I’ve only tried it once, in Draenor, and I got to 50 just as I entered Nagrand – but I had a couple of minor exp boosts active, I’m not convinced you could squeeze out 10 more levels just in Nagrand once Dragonflight is out.

Chromie Time is set up so if you have absolutely no XP boosts aside from resting in taverns/rest areas, you’ll hit 50 by around the end of the available leveling content. So my Orc got to the high 40’s and is almost done with Outland, for example. I believe it will in fact be re-aligned so that you can get to 60 with it.

At least that’s the basics as Ion Hazzikostas laid them out in that interview, anyway. They’re going to rebalance Chromie Time so that every expansion gets you from 10 to 60, and for a first time player it will go Exile’s Reach to BFA to the Dragon Isles, skipping the Shadowlands entirely.


I wanted to discuss the Hall of Fame Blizzard introduced to track the top 100 mythic final boss kills for each faction. Blizzard initially stated that this would help dictate when cross-realm mythic would open up. That when the first 100 Horde and 100 Alliance guilds killed the last boss on mythic you could compete cross realm. It also seemed to have a hope that perhaps some of the 10X Horde guilds might swap faction to get Hall of Fame. As of this time of writing, we currently stand at 74 Horde guilds who have cleared mythic and 6 Alliance guilds. With the upcoming cross faction raiding do we see changes coming to Hall of Fame? Has Hall of Fame succeeded?

Correction all 100 Horde guilds and only 9 Alliance guilds

I missed this question when I was doing the podcast email so here it is instead.

I have no idea if they actually thought Horde guilds would swap to Alliance, that absolutely doesn’t seem to be the case. At least so far as guilds that progress the fastest, the raiding scene is utterly dominated by Horde. I’m sure someone or several someones have already theorized as to why that is — is it the general player perception that one faction is superior? Is it the lemming effect, where because top raiding guilds skew Horde other guilds follow them? Is it a legitimate mechanical advantage from specific racials? I don’t know.

Seeing that only 9 Alliance guilds have completed the same content when 100 Horde guilds have, it does make me wonder — are there just way more Horde players in general? More of them involved in raiding with their guilds? Have players either given up on the Alliance and gone Horde, or have Alliance favoring players just left WoW entirely for games like FFXIV that don’t have a faction conflict the way WoW does? Again, I have no answers for any of this. But I do think it’s a pretty telling situation, and I think tying cross-server Mythic raid grouping to the Hall of Fame is antiquated at this point, especially with cross-faction grouping for friends coming.

Okay, that’s the Queue for today. See y’all next week, I hope.

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